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 June 23, 2024

Alvin Bragg Drops Most Charges Against Columbia Pro-Hamas Extremists

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's decision to drop most criminal charges against pro-Hamas extremists who stormed Columbia University earlier this year has sparked significant controversy and criticism.

Bragg's office cited a lack of evidence as the reason for dismissing the charges against 31 of the 46 defendants involved in the controversy that has prompted anger at President Joe Biden's seemingly inconsistent stance on the underlying topic, as the Daily Wire reports.

The incident at Columbia University, which saw the takeover of Hamilton Hall, garnered widespread national attention. The decision to dismiss the charges has been met with disapproval from various quarters, highlighting perceived inconsistencies in Bragg's prosecutorial actions.

Dismissal of Charges Sparks Outrage

Michael Nussbaum, a 25-year member of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, voiced his strong disapproval of Bragg's decision. "This is turnstile justice. This is a green light for chaos, a green light for destroying property," Nussbaum stated, reflecting the concerns of many within the community.

Police sources also expressed their frustration with the decision. One officer questioned the lack of evidence, asking, "Lack of evidence? Apparently body-worn camera wasn’t enough?" This sentiment was echoed by another police source who said, "We have a DA giving them what amounts to a mandate to push the envelope further now."

Conservative commentators have been particularly vocal in their criticism. A popular conservative attorney took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to argue that Bragg's office pursues political vendettas while giving actual criminals a pass. This view highlights a broader concern about the priorities and actions of the District Attorney's office.

Comparison to Trump Prosecution

Bragg's handling of this case has been contrasted with his prosecution of former President Donald Trump. Scott Jennings, a senior political commentator for CNN, pointed out the disparity, noting, "Trump -- filed the wrong sex paperwork / 34 felonies! Vandals and terrorist sympathizers -- meh, go about your business." This stark comparison underscores the perceived inconsistency in Bragg's approach to different cases.

The incident at Columbia University involved a significant disruption, with pro-Hamas extremists taking over Hamilton Hall. Despite the national attention and the clear disturbance caused, Bragg's office found insufficient evidence to tie the majority of suspects to the event, leading to the dismissal of trespassing charges for 31 out of 46 defendants.

The decision has raised questions about the effectiveness and priorities of the district attorney's office, particularly in light of Bragg's assertive stance in other high-profile cases. Critics argue that the dismissal of charges in this case sends the wrong message and undermines the rule of law.

Community and Law Enforcement Reactions

Community leaders and law enforcement officials have been vocal in their criticism of Bragg's decision. Nussbaum's comments reflect a broader concern about the implications of the decision for public safety and property rights.

Law enforcement officers, who were directly involved in responding to the incident at Columbia University, have expressed frustration and disappointment. The decision to drop charges despite apparent evidence from body-worn cameras has been particularly contentious.

The reaction from conservative commentators further amplifies the criticism. The perceived inconsistency in Bragg's prosecutorial decisions has fueled a narrative of political bias and selective enforcement of the law.

As the controversy continues, it remains to be seen how Bragg's office will respond to the criticism and what impact this decision will have on future prosecutorial actions. The case at Columbia University serves as a flashpoint in the ongoing debate over the priorities and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in New York City.

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