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 July 4, 2024

'America's Got Talent' Judge Enamored by 9-Year-Old's Spectacular Tina Turner Cover

Fox News reported that Heidi Klum was left astounded during the latest round of auditions for season 19 of "America's Got Talent" when a 9-year-old's electrifying performance prompted an immediate golden buzzer hit.

During the fifth week of auditions, Klum sent young Pranysqa Mishra straight to the live shows after her remarkable rendition of "River Deep – Mountain High."

Pranysqa Mishra's performance wowed the audience and took everyone by surprise. When Klum hit the golden buzzer spontaneously, fellow judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara were unable to provide their feedback.

Golden Buzzer Moments Steal the Show

This season of "America's Got Talent" has been notable for several unprecedented moments, with the judges exercising their golden buzzer privileges in unique ways. In a prior episode aired on June 25, 10-year-old Maya Neelakantan delivered a show-stopping performance that began with a traditional tune and smoothly transitioned into rock.

With her electric guitar in tow, Neelakantan's rendition of "Last Resort" by Papa Roach garnered standing ovations from all four judges. "Your energy, your confidence. A perfect audition. Amazing," commented Sofia Vergara, encapsulating the judges' collective amazement.

Howie Mandel and the other judges were particularly curious about Neelakantan's inspirations. "Alex Jones from Tool and Gary Holt, the guitarist from Exodus and Slayer," the young performer revealed, prompting Mandel to predict a viral moment for her.

Breaking Boundaries with Unforeseen Acts

This season has seen a deviation from the standard format, especially with Simon Cowell making headlines by using the golden buzzer twice in one episode. On that occasion, it was for Liv Warfield and Sky Elements, further showcasing the level of talent gracing the AGT stage this year.

The rules were recently tweaked to allow judges more flexibility. They now have two opportunities each to press the golden buzzer, doubling their chances of fast-tracking deserving acts to the live shows. This modification is already proving to be impactful, as evidenced by the awe-inspiring acts advancing through Klum’s and Cowell's buzzer hits.

Throughout this season, viewers have witnessed various groundbreaking and emotive performances. "We expect a lot of things, but I did not expect that," Klum said about Mishra’s performance, summing up the inherent unpredictability and excitement of the ongoing season.

Faces and Stories Behind the Talent

In addition to the spectacular performances, the personal stories and reactions of the participants have added depth to the competition. Mishra's heartfelt connection with her family was highlighted when Klum insisted she inform her grandmother about the golden buzzer moment.

"I want you to call your grandmother and say that Heidi Klum pushed the golden buzzer for you," Klum insisted, cementing the emotional and family-oriented undertone that often accompanies AGT moments.

As season 19 of "America's Got Talent" continues to unfold, fans can expect more surprises and memorable acts. The changing rules and the judges' proactive use of their golden buzzers are likely to deliver more edge-of-the-seat entertainment.


Klum's spontaneous act sent Mishra directly to the live shows, bypassing feedback from fellow judges. This season of AGT is notable for unique golden buzzer moments, such as Klum FaceTiming Mishra's grandmother to share the excitement and Simon Cowell using the buzzer twice in one episode. The new rule allowing judges two golden buzzer hits has led to numerous groundbreaking performances, adding unpredictability and excitement to the show.

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