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 May 12, 2024

Angelina Jolie Accused of Undermining Brad Pitt's Parental Ties Amid Winery Dispute

In a revealing court declaration, a former security staff member has implicated actress Angelina Jolie in a scheme that allegedly discourages her children from visiting Brad Pitt.

This accusation emerges amid a fierce legal tussle over the ownership of Château Miraval, a winery the couple purchased together in 2008, as Fox News reports.

The legal wrangling involves allegations of manipulated non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and attempts to obstruct testimony concerning the couple’s children during custody proceedings.

The former security guard, Tony Webb of SRS Global, submitted a 12-page statement to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. His declaration sheds light on the intense disputes between Jolie and Pitt, not just over their business interests but also regarding the upbringing of their children.

NDAs at the Heart of the Controversy

Pitt has demanded that Jolie sign a comprehensive NDA. Jolie opposes this, claiming it aims to conceal Pitt’s alleged past abusive behavior. In a countermove, Pitt has requested Jolie disclose all NDAs she has executed to show her alleged misuse of such agreements to influence their legal battle.

According to Webb, Michael Vieira, an aide to Jolie, contacted him to prevent two security personnel from testifying about their observations during custody visits. Webb’s declaration states that Vieira invoked the NDAs the guards had signed with Jolie and threatened legal consequences if they breached these agreements.

Ross Foster, one of the implicated security guards, declared his willingness to testify if subpoenaed, indicating he would disregard the NDA to share his firsthand account of Jolie’s interactions with her children.

Allegations of Family Manipulation Surface

“Mr. Foster was ready to discuss the guidance Ms. Jolie gave her children, which was essentially to keep their distance from Mr. Pitt during his visits,” Webb documented in his declaration. This accusation adds a layer of complexity to the already convoluted custody and legal disputes between the estranged couple.

Paul Murphy, Jolie's lawyer, criticizes Pitt’s insistence on an expanded NDA. He describes it as an attempt to continue covering up what he refers to as Pitt’s "deplorable actions."

Jolie’s legal team emphasizes her desire for a peaceful and healthy separation, fostering positive relationships among all family members, including Pitt. Her lawyer expresses hope for a resolution that allows Pitt to move on from the marriage and litigation.

Financial Disputes Over Château Miraval

The couple’s business entanglements complicate their personal and legal conflicts. After attempting to sell her share in 2021, Jolie’s company has accused Pitt of retaliatory financial mismanagement of Château Miraval.

The allegations from both sides reveal a deep-seated battle over control and transparency, not just in terms of their business ventures but also in how they handle their separation and the sensitive issues surrounding their children.

In conclusion, the multifaceted legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt encompasses a complex mix of allegations involving encouragement of estrangement, misuse of legal agreements, and disputes over business assets. The ongoing court proceedings continue to unveil the depths of the discord underlying what was once one of Hollywood’s most high-profile partnerships.

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