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 June 13, 2024

Anna Paulina Luna Pushes Garland Arrest Vote

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna is taking the unprecedented step of seeking a vote that could lead to the arrest of Attorney General Merrick Garland.

According to Fox News, she aims to leverage inherent contempt to compel Garland's arrest if the DOJ fails to act on a House-backed criminal contempt resolution.

Rep. Luna, R-Fla., announced her intentions to force a vote on Garland's arrest, a move dependent on the Department of Justice's response to a resolution. This push involves invoking the rarely employed inherent contempt process, tasking the House sergeant at arms with Garland’s arrest should Congress approve the measure.

Inherent Contempt Process Explained

Luna’s decision stems from a belief in the inadequacies of the justice system, as perceived by many. Luna said:

I don't really have much faith in the Department of Justice. And I don't think the American people do either. But we are trying to bring back a level playing field and show that, you know, there should be accountability all the way up to the top.

The inherent contempt procedure requires the House of Representatives to authorize an order of arrest executed by the sergeant at arms. By deeming the measure "privileged," Luna can mandate the House leadership to act within two legislative days.

She has outlined steps to gather support among her colleagues by circulating a letter explicating the importance and procedures of inherent contempt. These efforts highlight her resolve to address what she sees as severe imbalances in the application of justice.

Support and Strategy Among House Republicans

House Republicans' frustration with Garland centers on his failure to provide recordings of interviews conducted by Special Counsel Robert Hur with President Biden. This has galvanized support for Luna's proposed resolution, aiming to hold Garland accountable.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, with a narrow majority, supports the initial contempt resolution that would involve referring Garland to the DOJ for criminal charges. The complexity of navigating within a slim majority adds layers to the legislative strategy.

Despite the potential acknowledgment from the House, the DOJ's adherence or refusal to act on a contempt resolution underscores the current administration's tension with Congress. This ongoing dynamic shapes the context of Luna’s radical legislative actions.

Next Steps and Possible Outcomes

"If the DOJ won't do their jobs, we're going to do it for them," said Luna, indicating her readiness to proceed if the department does not act. Her determination promises to keep this issue at the forefront of congressional activities.

Should there be delays or avoidance of addressing this vote, Luna has indicated her willingness to respect the timing and procedural preferences of House leadership. This approach aligns her efforts with broader GOP objectives, maintaining a united front in legislative maneuvers.

The intricacies of Luna’s plan showcase a broader discontent and desire for greater accountability within the highest echelons of government administration. By initiating this unprecedented legislative measure, Luna highlights the evolving tactics of contemporary political strategy in Congress.


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna's proposition to invoke inherent contempt for the arrest of AG Merrick Garland sets a historical precedent while reflecting modern political dissatisfaction. Her plan depends on the DOJ's response to a House-backed resolution and emphasizes inherent contempt's historical usage. With support from House GOP leaders, she aims to address perceived lapses in justice. Future steps will depend on the collaboration of House leadership and Luna’s continued advocacy for her resolution.

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