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 May 24, 2024

Ashley Biden's Diary: Voices Trouble and Fears

The contents of Ashley Biden's private journal, which she accidentally left behind and was later stolen, assert troubling childhood experiences involving her father, President Joe Biden.

Ashley Biden has confirmed her diary's authenticity, which contains serious allegations about her childhood. In 2019, Ashley Biden, then 37, documented her concerns and traumatic experiences in a diary. As reported by Daily Mail, the entries include fears of having been sexually abused, hyper-sexual behaviors at a young age, and uncomfortable incidents such as taking showers with her father.

Journal Contains Troubling Childhood Experiences

Ashley Biden's diary also includes her struggles with drug use and personal treatment for "sexual trauma." After undergoing rehabilitation, she misplaced the diary under a mattress at a halfway house in Florida in 2020.

The diary was discovered and stolen by a woman, who then sold it for $40,000. This theft highlighted the vulnerability of the Biden family’s private matters, igniting questions about the authenticity and ethical handling of such sensitive materials.

Media's Reaction and Diary's Verification

During Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, there was speculation regarding the diary's truthfulness, reminiscent of the scrutiny surrounding Hunter Biden's laptop. Despite the explosive nature of the contents, major media outlets primarily focused on the circumstances of its theft and sale rather than its disturbing allegations.

Ashley Biden confirmed the diary's authenticity in a court document made public last month. In the document, she expressed profound distress over the public exposure of her personal writings.

Serious Allegations and Personal Reflections

The diary details Ashley Biden’s reflections on her childhood, including hyper-sexualization from a young age and explicit sexual experiences with friends. She also mentioned extreme and inappropriate behaviors tied to her family's dynamics.

In one particular passage, Ashley described her actions resulting from overhearing her parents having sex, which she linked to her later hyper-sexual behavior. The authenticity of these deeply personal and troubling entries was confirmed last month in her letter dated April 8 to the trial judge.

Despite the severe nature of her allegations, mainstream media has largely ignored the contents, focusing instead on the ordeal of how the diary was stolen and sold. The New York Times reported on the theft and the sentencing of the woman responsible but did not concentrate on the diary’s contents.

This divergence in media coverage raises significant questions about transparency and accountability, particularly given Joe Biden's past controversies. This includes publicized instances of inappropriate touching behaviors and allegations of sexual misconduct by other women.

Broader Scrutiny Towards Joe Biden

These revelations from Ashley Biden’s diary coincided with allegations by Tara Reade, a former Biden Senate staffer, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Reade detailed the incidents, vividly recounting how Biden allegedly assaulted her.

In reaction, Joe Biden denied these allegations, emphasizing his understanding of evolving cultural norms regarding personal space. In 2019, he acknowledged the cultural shift by stating, "The boundaries of personal space have been reset. And I get it."


Ashley Biden's stolen diary reveals deeply troubling experiences from her childhood involving her father, President Joe Biden. Despite the authenticity of these allegations, mainstream media has largely ignored the story, instead focusing on the theft and sale of the diary. Her writings, which highlight issues such as hyper-sexualization, drug use, and possible sexual abuse, raise broader questions about transparency and accountability.

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