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 June 10, 2024

Ashley Biden's Troubled Romance Revealed: A Shocking Account

Ashley Biden's past relationship with a man she found "calming" has come into the spotlight.

An exclusive report from Daily Mail revealed that the President's daughter was involved in a tumultuous relationship with a man who had a criminal record, terrorized his family, and eventually died from a drug overdose.

Ashley Biden had a tumultuous period marked by affairs with two men during her time in rehab for drug and sex addiction in 2019, one being Eric Dengler, who later died of a drug overdose.

Eric Dengler's Troubled Background

Dengler had multiple stints in prison for robbery, drug trafficking, and theft. His first term began in 2004 for drug trafficking, and he faced numerous run-ins with the law before his untimely death. At the age of 39, Dengler succumbed to a drug overdose on April 6 of last year, found lifeless in his Delray Beach apartment.

A troubled individual, Dengler was described by those who knew him as someone perpetually mired in substance abuse. Rafael, the ex-boyfriend of Dengler's sister, recounted that Dengler was "always f****d up on heroin or molly" and "never saw him sober."

Ashley Biden, now 42, described their connection in her diary entries, mentioning that he was "calming" and a "great kisser." This relationship, which blossomed during her rehab, stood in stark contrast to Dengler's tumultuous lifestyle.

Ashley's Diary: Introspection and Confession

Ashley's diary, later stolen and published online, paints a vivid picture of her internal struggles. Beyond her relationship with Dengler, the entries delve into her encounters with a married businessman identified as "Kevin." These affairs occurred simultaneously during her treatment.

She spoke of "Kevin" with both intense attraction and ultimate regret. In her writings, she grapples with the secrecy of the affair, the guilt it induced, and its implications for her ongoing struggle with addiction. Her relationship with Kevin culminated in feelings of relapsed helplessness.

Moreover, Ashley does not shy away from confronting the ghosts of her past. She hints at childhood trauma, suggesting she was "hyper-sexualized" at a young age and questioning if she was molested, though she can’t recall specifics. These admissions portray a woman entangled in complexities from her early years.

Marital Struggles and Legal Issues

Ashley's marriage to Howard Krein is also detailed in her diary, revealing significant levels of distrust and unhappiness. She expressed that their relationship was beyond repair, noting that all affection and trust had disappeared.

Her legal issues began during her college years, involving arrests for marijuana possession, underage drinking, and obstructing police officers. These problems continued into her adulthood, culminating with Aimee Harris stealing and illegally distributing her diary, for which Harris was sentenced in April.

The diary, which was sold to activists from Project Veritas for $20,000, exposed Ashley's private thoughts to public scrutiny. In her legal filings, Ashley confirmed the diary's authenticity, putting an end to ongoing speculation.

In conclusion, Ashley Biden’s past reveals a woman battling numerous challenges. Her affair with Eric Dengler, amidst his criminal past, and her entanglement with "Kevin" during rehab illustrate the difficulties she faced. Her diary details these events, further illuminated by her troubled marriage and historical legal issues.

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