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 May 15, 2024

Bannon Ordered to Serve Prison Term After Appeal Rejected

Following an appeals court's upholding of Steve Bannon's contempt of Congress conviction, the DOJ has requested a judge to order Bannon to begin his prison sentence.

ABC News reported that Bannon's appeal was rejected on all grounds, leading prosecutors to assert there was no legal basis to delay his sentence.

On Tuesday, prosecutors directed their request to Judge Carl Nichols, overseeing Bannon's criminal contempt of Congress case. This request follows the appeals court's decision last week, which upheld Bannon's conviction.

The three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded their opinion on Friday. They found that none of the information Bannon sought in the trial subpoenas was relevant to his defense. Consequently, the court affirmed Bannon's conviction and sentence judgment.

Prosecutors Push for Immediate Sentence

Prosecutors argue that after the appeals court's ruling, there is no longer a substantial legal question likely to result in a reversal or a new trial. "Consequently, there is no longer a 'substantial question of law that is likely to result in a reversal or an order for a new trial,'" they wrote in their filing on Tuesday.

Bannon, sentenced in October 2022, had his jail term postponed by Judge Nichols while he appealed the decision. With the appeal now rejected, the push for him to begin his sentence has intensified.

The appeals court's opinion stated, "We conclude that none of the information sought in the trial subpoenas was relevant to the elements of the contempt offense, nor to any affirmative defense Bannon was entitled to present at trial." The judges ultimately affirmed the conviction and sentence, leaving Bannon with limited options.

Judge Nichols to Make Decision

It is unclear when Judge Nichols will rule on the prosecutors' request. The decision will determine when Bannon must report to serve his four-month prison term. This case marks a significant development in the legal battles faced by key figures from the Trump administration.

Steve Bannon, known for his role as Trump's strategist, has remained a vocal figure in conservative circles. His reaction to the prosecutors' request was one of defiance. "I'm shocked they want to silence the voice of MAGA," he told ABC News about the recent developments.

The appeals court's rejection of Bannon's appeal underscores the judiciary's stance on public figures' accountability. The court's decision reflects a thorough examination of the legal arguments presented by Bannon and his team.

Bannon's Legal Battles Continue

As Steve Bannon awaits Judge Nichols' ruling, the case underscores the importance of complying with congressional subpoenas.

Bannon's refusal to comply with a subpoena related to the January 6 Capitol riot led to his criminal contempt of Congress conviction, upheld by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Nichols' forthcoming decision will determine when Bannon starts his sentence, marking a significant phase in this high-profile legal battle.

In summary, federal prosecutors have requested that Steve Bannon start serving his four-month prison sentence after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his conviction for criminal contempt of Congress. The appeals court's ruling rejected Bannon's appeal on all grounds, leading to the prosecutors' assertion that there is no legal basis to delay his sentence. Bannon's reaction to the news was defiant, while Judge Carl Nichols' forthcoming decision will determine the timing of Bannon's prison term.

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