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 June 18, 2024

Barack Obama Shares Michelle's Warning To Daughters About Politics

In a candid revelation, Barack Obama shared that his daughters, Malia and Sasha, have decided against political careers, heavily influenced by their mother, Michelle Obama's strong discouragement.

According to the Daily Mail, Malia Obama, 25, and Sasha Obama, 23, have chosen different professional pursuits. Malia focuses on screenwriting, and Sasha recently graduated with a degree in sociology.

During Barack Obama's presidency from 2009 to 2017, Malia and Sasha experienced life in the White House firsthand. This exposure, coupled with Michelle Obama's clear messages about the challenges of political life, solidified their decision to pursue other career paths.

Fundraiser Event Sheds Light on Family Decisions

During a fundraiser event attended by President Joe Biden and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, Barack Obama divulged these insights. Reflecting on Michelle's influence, he highlighted her early and persistent advisements against life in politics for their daughters.

"That is a question I do not need to answer, because Michelle drilled into them so early that you would be crazy to go into politics. It'll never happen," Barack mentioned, emphasizing Michelle's impact on their daughters' career choices.

Malia Obama has ventured into screenwriting, moving to Los Angeles in 2021 after her graduation from Harvard University. Her debut short film, "The Heart," premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in February. Notably, she chose to credit herself as "Malia Ann," opting not to leverage her famous last name.

Public Reactions and Professional Pursuits

The decision to use her first and middle name sparked divided opinions online. Actress Whoopi Goldberg publicly defended Malia, expressing her right to establish her own identity. Goldberg stated during an episode of The View:

She knows she is an Obama why do you care? Why do you care what she calls herself? If she wanted to call herself Jeanette MacDonald she has the right to. f I can be Whoopi Goldberg, she can be whoever the hell she wants to be. Why are people triggered by this kind of stuff? Why are people wasting their time?

Malia gained experience in the industry through internships on HBO’s "Girls" in 2015 and at The Weinstein Company in 2017. Recently, she contributed as a screenwriter on Donald Glover's Amazon Prime series "Swarm."

Sasha Obama's Academic Achievements

Sasha Obama, also forging her path, recently graduated with a degree in sociology from the University of Southern California. She transferred to USC from the University of Michigan, joining her sister in Los Angeles.

Michelle Obama's own distaste for politics and public scrutiny played a significant role in guiding their daughters away from political careers. Barack Obama's memoir reflects Michelle's initial reluctance towards his Senate bid and her eventual support due to the potential positive impact on young, Black children.

Barack frequently discusses the strains that their White House years placed on their marriage. Despite the struggles, mutual respect and understanding remained the cornerstone of their relationship.

Barack's Reflections on Marriage and Politics

"We were pretty good even when things were tough, we never lost basic respect for the other person. We never thought that person was a bad person. We never said things that would make it seem that you completely disrespect me," he remarked. He emphasized their continued regard for each other's intentions, saying, "It was more, ‘I love you, Barack, but this is driving me crazy,’ or, ‘I respect you, but...’ I think that's what kept us 'cause we never doubted each other's intentions."

Barack Obama revealed during a fundraiser with President Joe Biden and Jimmy Kimmel that Michelle Obama's strong warnings have dissuaded Sasha and Malia from pursuing politics. Malia is now thriving in screenwriting, while Sasha has recently attained a sociology degree. The family's shared experiences in the White House and Michelle's personal aversions have left a lasting impact on their career choices and personal lives.

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