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 May 24, 2024

Ben Affleck's Longtime Friend Jason Mewes Talks About Bennifer Divorce Speculations

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, commonly known as Bennifer, are under intense public scrutiny amidst swirling divorce rumors.

Friends and sources close to the couple have varied opinions on the stability of their marriage, contributing to the widespread speculation.

As reported by Daily Mail, Jason Mewes, a longtime friend of Affleck, has addressed these divorce speculations lately. Mewes expressed skepticism about the rumors, citing the couple's joy during their 2022 wedding in Georgia. Despite the ongoing gossip, he believes in the authenticity of their relationship.

Mewes Defends Bennifer's Relationship

Mewes, who attended Bennifer's wedding two years ago, emphasized the apparent sincerity of their emotional bond. "I don’t want to be sappy but it was very genuine," he shared. The actor referred to their marriage as "very sincere and real," raising doubts about the recent speculation.

However, Mewes also mentioned that Affleck might be residing separately due to his commitment to the sequel of "The Accountant." He dismissed these living arrangements as a reason for panic, suggesting they were tied to the actor's professional needs.

Contrasting opinions arise from various media sources. According to a PageSix report, Affleck is allegedly contemplating divorce, convinced that the past two years were a misguided endeavor, causing a strained relationship.

Lopez's Response to Divorce Questions

Meanwhile, Lopez has also faced direct inquiries regarding these rumors. In an incident in Mexico, she reportedly snapped at a journalist who questioned her about the divorce. During the Los Angeles premiere of her movie "Atlas," Lopez highlighted the indispensable role of family in her life, seemingly downplaying the rumors swirling around her marriage.

The couple, who rekindled their romance in 2021 after a high-profile breakup in 2004, tied the knot in 2022. Since then, they have appeared together frequently, though sometimes showing visible strain, further fueling the divorce gossip.

Despite their busy schedules, which often lead to them spending time apart, Mewes retains a hopeful outlook on their rapport, suggesting that professional commitments are primarily responsible for the perceived distance between them.

Conflict Over Media Attention

Their differing approaches to media attention are a significant source of tension within their marriage. People magazine sources have revealed that these contrasting styles create stress in their relationship. Lopez's open and expressive nature towards her fans stands in stark contrast to Affleck's preference for privacy.

A source from the music world elaborated on this dynamic, stating, "She needs that expression, but Affleck simply is not comfortable with it. After a while, it causes tension in the relationship." Differences in how they handle public scrutiny might be influencing their current marital challenges.


Mewes defends the couple against divorce rumors, recalling their joyous wedding and suggesting professional commitments as the reason for any apparent distance. Lopez's recent comments emphasize the significance of family, downplaying the gossip. Meanwhile, sources highlight differences in their approach to the limelight, contributing to the perceived strain. Despite the conflicting reports, many remain hopeful about their marriage's strength.

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