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 July 4, 2024

Biden Allegedly Contemplates Halting Re-Election Bid, White House Rebuts

President Joe Biden is reportedly reconsidering his run for re-election in 2024 amidst growing internal concerns.

According to Fox News, the White House responded to a report by The New York Times stating that President Biden is contemplating dropping out of the presidential race after his poor debate performance.

The New York Times disclosed on Wednesday that Biden acknowledged apprehensions about his campaign viability after his debate performance was widely criticized. At 81, Biden is the oldest U.S. president in history, and various Democratic Party members are increasingly questioned about his ability to secure another term.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates strongly denied the New York Times report, calling it "absolutely false" and expressing frustration over the short time given for a comment. On Friday, Biden is scheduled for an interview with George Stephanopoulos and will make campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—appearances deemed crucial for his campaign's viability.

Biden’s Recent Debate Sparks Concerns

Biden’s performance during the CNN Presidential Debate on Thursday has stirred concern throughout the Democratic Party. Calls for Biden to reconsider his candidacy have mounted, reflecting alarm in the party’s ranks about his ability to secure electoral victory next year.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll supports these concerns, revealing that over 40% of Democrats believe the party should appoint a new candidate. Moreover, 54% of the general voter population think Biden should exit the race.

The broader reaction to Biden’s debate performance remains mixed among Democratic Party leaders. While some potential replacements acknowledge his challenges, they continue to pledge their support for him during this turbulent period. Biden will meet with Democratic governors at the White House on Wednesday to analyze the aftermath of the debate.

Official Responses to Claims of Reconsideration

White House spokesman Andrew Bates strongly refuted the New York Times report, expressing frustration over the limited time provided for a comment. Bates dismissed the report as “absolutely false,” highlighting that a more extended response period would have allowed a thorough rebuttal.

Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, made a parallel rebuttal on CNN, asserting Biden’s unwavering commitment to his re-election campaign. Fulks emphasized that despite circulating rumors, the president remains dedicated to constructing a robust campaign structure to engage voters.

An anonymous source for the Times suggested that Biden understands the gravity of his situation, noting that two more unsuitable events could significantly shift his campaign’s trajectory.

Future Campaign Events Will Prove Integral

Speculation continues to hover over Biden’s upcoming public engagements. His interview with George Stephanopoulos and subsequent campaign events are critical junctures that could determine his campaign’s fate moving forward.

Should Biden's future appearances fail to renew confidence in his candidacy, the current support might wane, leading to further calls for a reevaluation of his position as the Democratic presidential nominee. These next steps represent pivotal moments for Biden’s political strategy and the Democratic Party’s future.

In sum, President Biden is reviewing his candidacy amid rising critique. Recent debate performance has heightened Democratic concern, and upcoming events will significantly affect his campaign. White House officials deny reconsideration claims, asserting Biden's intent to run. Polls, however, reveal substantial doubt about his ability to secure re-election, a sentiment echoed by some within his party.

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