Written by Ashton Snyder on
 June 30, 2024

Biden Challenges NYT As Pressure to Step Aside Mounts

President Joe Biden is facing fierce backlash in the wake of a contentious debate performance against Donald Trump.

The New York Times and influential Democratic donors are reportedly urging a seemingly reluctant Biden to drop out of the presidential race, citing his age and questionable effectiveness, as the Daily Mail reports.

Biden fired back at the New York Times and its calls for his withdrawal, defying the criticism prompted by his latest debate. It is not the first time Biden has faced such dissent from the Times. Despite their previous endorsements of other candidates in 2020, Biden secured the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

A top adviser dismissed the Times critique, reminding that Biden's past victory came without their support. The newspaper's latest editorial labeled Biden's campaign as a "reckless gamble," intensifying the discussion about his viability for the upcoming election.

Increasing Pressure from Prominent Democrats

Prominent Democratic donors are considering intervention measures, potentially spearheaded by former President Barack Obama. Internal discussions are growing about the feasibility of replacing Biden before the Democratic National Convention in August.

Obama took to Twitter to defend Biden, highlighting his lifelong commitment to ordinary people. Meanwhile, critics like David Axelrod and David Plouffe pointed out the dire state of Biden's campaign and urged contemplation of his withdrawal.

In a joint effort, publications such as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Economist, alongside a significant percentage of independent voters in a DailyMail.com poll, also support Biden's exit. Analysts question Kamala Harris’s potential to replace Biden due to her perceived unpopularity.

Financial Struggles and Debate Aftermath

Biden's campaign is also experiencing financial strain, trailing Trump in fundraising efforts. This decline follows a critical debate viewed by 48 million, despite Biden getting the debate conditions he requested against his opponent.

Donald Trump seized the opportunity to criticize Biden's performance, attributing his falter to age and preparation issues. On the rally stage in Raleigh, North Carolina, Biden countered with reassurances about his integrity and capability, though conceding that he no longer moves and speaks as he once did.

Public and Private Calls for a New Candidate

Jill Biden stood by her husband, praising his character and condemning Trump's repeated dishonesty during the debate. Even as Biden's campaign faces criticism and financial challenges, his supporters emphasize his steadfastness and commitment.

However, Biden's detractors, including some U.K. Conservative Cabinet ministers, are adamant that a younger candidate should be considered to secure a victory for the Democrats in the upcoming election. They argue for a prompt change in candidacy to avoid potential defeat.

Chris Whipple, an author and presidential commentator, reflected on the inherent reluctance of leaders to relinquish power voluntarily. His remarks resonated amid the ongoing debate over whether Biden should stay the course.

As discussions continue to escalate, influential Democrats and strategists openly question Biden’s future in the race. The overarching concern is that his continued candidacy might jeopardize the party's chances against Trump.

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