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 July 5, 2024

Biden Considers Ending 2024 Campaign After Debate

President Joe Biden is contemplating withdrawing from the 2024 presidential race following a subpar debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

According to insiders, Biden's aides are closely observing his upcoming appearances to determine his candidacy.

As Daily Mail reported, Biden has revealed to aides that he might step down. He has indicated that three key upcoming engagements are crucial for his campaign’s success: an interview with ABC on Friday, campaign appearances in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and a pivotal campaign call on Wednesday.

Key Events Could Determine Biden's Future

Despite pressures, Biden has underscored that “No one is pushing me out” during a campaign call, reaffirming his commitment to his run. However, an ally has pointed out that Biden understands the profound importance of his next two events. This sentiment followed a significant debate flop against Trump, amplifying calls for him to reconsider his candidacy.

White House aides have publicly rejected speculations about an exit plan. Nonetheless, President Biden's inner circle, including his wife, Jill Biden, and son, Hunter Biden, are advocating for him to stay in the race.

Although Biden has privately conceded the potential necessity to step aside for a younger candidate, he remains resolute in his public statements. During a recent call, he assured his campaign staff of his intention to vigorously pursue the race to its conclusion.

Democratic Governors Show Mixed Reactions

In a separate call, Biden assured 20 Democratic governors of his readiness to run. New York's Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed their unanimous support for Biden’s re-election bid. However, an anonymous source has cast doubt on this, noting widespread dissatisfaction with Biden's performance among the governors.

Senior advisors believe the president has only days to solidify his readiness for office before the situation within the party deteriorates further into widespread panic. This urgency stems from Biden’s recent underwhelming debate performance, which Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attributed to jet lag from international travel.

Biden has admitted to feeling enormously fatigued, almost falling asleep during a fundraiser. His debate preparation was notably cut short because of his hectic travel schedule, involving trips to France, Italy, and a brief holiday in Delaware.

Party Members Remain Divided Over Biden's Future

Biden devoted a week to Camp David for debate preparation, where his regimen included daily naps to mitigate his fatigue. Calls are rising among prominent Democrats, including Raúl Grijalva, for Biden to step down and allow the party to consider other potential candidates.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to maintain his planned activities, hosting the annual Independence Day gala at the White House, followed by his anticipated appearances in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. His team is furiously working to control the damage, striving to reassure party members and voters alike.

Polls indicate that Trump has gained a significant advantage in crucial swing states since their recent debate. Biden's possible replacements include Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and Gretchen Whitmer, but none are outperforming Biden in polling match-ups against Trump.


As President Biden's window to solidify his re-election strategy narrows, his performance in the upcoming week is critical to addressing concerns about his ability to serve another term. It is essential to see if he can dispel doubts about his leadership or if the Democratic Party will have to consider another candidate. Should Biden choose to step back, his final engagements could offer crucial insights into the Democratic Party's plans and shape its strategy for the 2024 presidential race.

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