Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 8, 2024

Biden Faces Calls To End Campaign From His Own Party

According to Axios, Biden, and his Democratic critics, both display a strong intensity, unwavering certainty, and irreversible commitment to their positions.

Supported by First Lady Jill Biden and his son Hunter, President Biden is committed to his campaign, suggesting only a divine event could deter him. Conversely, a growing number of Democrats are intensifying efforts to halt it, hoping key figures like Michelle and Barack Obama will intervene by Friday.

Democrats Fear Electoral Disaster

The conflict between Biden’s and his critics' stances is fierce, with both sides preparing aggressive strategies to prevail. In a recent call with his campaign co-chairs, Biden asserted his intention to increase voter engagement, highlighting his determination amidst internal criticism.

Since a debate ten days ago, Democratic legislators have encountered a range of emotions, from shock to anger. Further discontent stems from Biden's recent interview with ABC. As Congress reconvenes on Monday, further tensions are anticipated.

A House Democrat expressed deep concerns, indicating that “people are scared about their own races” as well as the state of the nation and democracy. The anxiety persisted throughout the Fourth of July break among lawmakers and is expected to rise again with Congress’s return.

Major Donors and Constituents Express Concerns

A senior Democratic operative reported the widespread acknowledgment of Biden’s precarious political situation outside his closest circle. David Axelrod, an architect of former President Obama's campaigns, described Biden's mindset with words like “Denial. Delusion. Defiance.”

The Washington Post highlighted a major donor adviser’s claim that for every ten persons supporting Biden’s exit, only one supports his continuation. Despite grim assessments, recent polling provided a glimmer of hope, with Biden leading Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin and statistically tied in four other states.

In Pennsylvania, a critical battleground state where Biden is currently campaigning, he trails behind Trump. Lawmakers voiced profound concerns from major donors and key constituents over Biden’s ability to carry the election.

Internal Discussions Loom Large

Constituents in swing states, such as those observed at a local forum, have flagged Biden's age as a significant issue. While few House Democrats publicly urge Biden to step down, many contemplate doing so in private.

These conversations are expected to intensify with House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries holding a Zoom meeting with committee ranking members on Sunday. Likewise, Senator Mark Warner is organizing a meeting of Senate Democrats on Monday evening to deliberate Biden’s future.

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi is seen as the figure with the gravitas to influence Biden’s decision to step down potentially. Many Democrats are hopeful that Biden will decide by Friday to allow public attention to shift to other prominent events.

If Biden endorses Vice President Kamala Harris as his successor, she will need adequate time to prepare for the nomination. Without an endorsement, the lead-up to the Democratic convention in mid-August could see fierce competition for the nomination.

As necessitated by urgency, a Democratic operative stressed that further delay would only worsen the situation. Biden plans a press conference on Thursday following a NATO summit, where he aims to showcase strong leadership. Democrats hope that continued pressure will eventually prompt Biden to withdraw. If he remains steadfast, the Democratic convention could see a public showdown just 11 weeks before the election, risking a severe party fracture.

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