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 July 7, 2024

Biden Family Clashes With Staff Over Debate Performance Amid Campaign Woes

A significant dispute has reportedly erupted between President Joe Biden's family and his staff following a disappointing performance against Donald Trump in their recent debate.

The aftermath of the debate has led to intense criticism and finger-pointing among Biden’s inner circle, with family members demanding more control over the campaign, as the Daily Mail reports.

President Biden has attributed his lackluster showing to illness and simply having a bad night yet affirmed his commitment to winning the Nov. 5 election. Family members, notably his son Hunter Biden, are said to have expressed dissatisfaction with the staff’s allegedly inadequate preparation and failure to highlight the president's strengths.

Biden Family Frustration Boils Over

Concerns about Biden’s seemingly frail and confused debate performance have worried some top Democrats. Thirteen sources close to the president have indicated that his family believes staff errors have been continual, with the debate serving as a breaking point.

One source commented, "Blunder after blunder by key staff personnel has finally reached a tipping point." The family is reportedly unhappy with the staff's tendency to assign blame to President Biden for the debate's outcome.

Emotional involvement from the Biden family is said to sometimes interfere with their political judgment. After the debate, family members, including his sister Valerie Owens and son Hunter, visited the White House to offer support.

Tensions Heightened by Hunter Biden's Legal Issues

Hunter Biden's recent felony conviction and upcoming tax fraud trial have added tension to an already strained situation. Staff worry his public presence could become a liability, though Jill Biden's former communications director, Michael LaRosa, defended Hunter as an effective campaign asset.

Family members had pushed unsuccessfully for the removal of Biden's personal lawyer Bob Bauer and top adviser Anita Dunn, both of whom were involved in debate preparations at Camp David. Jeff Zients, White House chief of staff, dispelled the rumors of their removal and expressed full confidence in them. "There is absolutely no truth to these unfounded and insulting rumors," he stated.

Democratic Leaders Stand Firm in Support

In spite of the family's criticisms, internal staffers noted that they trust Bauer and Dunn for providing honest feedback to Biden. Biden reportedly reached out to Ron Klain, his former chief of staff, to assure him amid the ongoing discord. Mutual accusations of overprotection and mismanagement have plagued the team. Some staffers believe that without Dunn's leadership, it will be difficult to recover and win against Trump.

Post-debate polls show Trump leading Biden by 2 to 3.3% in a direct matchup, and by 2.5 to 4.9% with third-party candidates. Nonetheless, potential Democratic replacements, such as Govs. Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer, have voiced their support for Biden.

Family's Expanded Role in Campaign

"At the end of the day, Biden is very close to his family and values their advice," LaRosa remarked, signaling why the family might feel compelled to assert more control.

The fallout from this debate illustrates the intense pressures within Biden's campaign as the election approaches. With public opinion fluctuating, the quest for a robust and unified strategy becomes critical.

In summary, President Biden's poor debate performance against Donald Trump has exposed a rift between his family and staff. Biden's family has blamed the staff for inadequate preparation, while critical figures like Bauer and Dunn have faced internal pushback but remain supported by top staffers. With public polls showing a tight race, the support of Democratic leaders remains unwavering as Biden looks to navigate the complexities of his campaign.

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