Written by Ashton Snyder on
 April 11, 2024

Biden Ponders Trump-Era Border Strategy to Cut Asylum Entries

In a notable policy pivot, President Joe Biden is contemplating a major clampdown on asylum seekers at the U.S. southern border, mirroring tactics previously employed by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

This decision represents a notable effort to tackle illegal immigration in the lead-up to the crucial November elections. Amid ongoing criticism for the rising numbers of illegal immigrants, Daily Mail reported that President Biden is considering employing executive authority to implement tighter asylum regulations by the end of April.

This strategy aims to counter the critiques without needing Congressional consent. During a conversation with Univision's Enrique Acevedo, Biden discussed his exploration of this executive power, hinting at a possible independent move that could significantly alter border policy.

Migration Crisis Prompts White House Action

The United States has experienced record levels of illegal immigration under Biden's watch, prompting an urgent reevaluation of border policies. The situation has put considerable strain on states bordering Mexico, which have grappled with the influx without substantial federal intervention.

The severity of the crisis has led to legislative responses, including the passing of impeachment articles against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by the House, with a Senate trial looming. Such measures underscore the bipartisan urgency felt in addressing the border's challenges.

Despite the introduction of programs aimed at facilitating the entry of undocumented migrants from countries like Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela through the CHNV parole program, the administration faces scrutiny.

Over 320,000 undocumented migrants were reportedly flown into the U.S., primarily landing in Miami, Florida, between January 2023 and February 2024, spotlighting the scale of the situation.

Biden's Balancing Act on Immigration Reform

Amidst this backdrop, President Biden has acknowledged the limitations of his powers, stating there is no guarantee that executive action on the border would withstand legal challenges. This candidness reveals the complex legal and political landscape surrounding immigration policy and the administration's efforts to navigate it.

The internal debate within the Biden administration reflects broader concerns about the political and legal ramifications of significantly altering asylum processes. Yet, the president's consideration of using Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act—empowering the president to prohibit entry to immigrants deemed harmful to national interests—indicates a willingness to adopt a firmer stance on immigration.

Former President Donald Trump has been vocal in his criticism of Biden's potential move, accusing him of seeking to transform undocumented migrants into voting citizens. Trump's comments highlight the polarized views on immigration reform and the challenges facing the current administration in addressing the crisis.

Legal and Political Implications of Executive Action

'We're examining whether or not I have that power,' Biden remarked in his interview, reflecting the administration's careful consideration of its legal authority. The potential for court challenges underscores the uncertain path ahead for any executive action on immigration.

'Some are suggesting that I should just go ahead and try it,' Biden further stated, illustrating the pressure to act decisively on immigration. The political calculus of such a move is complex, with potential repercussions for Biden's administration both legally and in the court of public opinion.

In conclusion, President Biden's contemplation of a Trump-style executive order to restrict asylum claims at the southern border highlights a significant moment in U.S. immigration policy. Faced with unprecedented levels of illegal immigration and mounting criticism, the administration seeks to demonstrate a firm stance ahead of the elections. Such a decision's legal, political, and social implications will be closely watched as the situation develops.

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