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 March 29, 2024

Biden Rule Struck Down By Texas Judge

A Texas court delivered a blow to the Biden administration's environmental policy this Wednesday.

A lawsuit led by the state of Texas resulted in a judge ruling against a federal requirement aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions from highways.

According to Fox News, U.S. District Judge James Wesley Hendrix, a former President Donald Trump nominee, found the Department of Transportation's rule, enacted in December 2023, to lack the necessary legal foundation.

This regulation had obligated states to monitor and disclose the carbon dioxide emissions originating from vehicles on U.S. highways and to set targets for reducing these emissions.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), under the DOT, introduced this measure to assist states in the battle against climate change. It mandated that states measure and report their progress in reducing vehicular carbon emissions. Texas quickly challenged the rule, arguing that the DOT exceeded its legal boundaries with such a mandate.

Judge Deems Highway Climate Rule Unauthorized

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had previously stated that the rule was designed to equip states with a consistent method for tracking vehicular carbon pollution and to offer states the autonomy to establish their own climate objectives. However, Judge Hendrix's decision underscored a significant legal setback for the rule, highlighting its unauthorized nature according to current statutes.

The legal challenge was spearheaded by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office. In December, the state contended that the DOT had overstepped its statutory limits. They further argued that the rule was arbitrary, capricious, and in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act. Additionally, Texas claimed that the rule improperly limited the use of federal funds, thereby contravening the Spending Clause.

This ruling not only impacts the immediate future of highway emission regulations but also sets a precedent for federal environmental policy enforcement. Texas is concurrently engaged in another legal battle against the Biden administration, further emphasizing the state's aggressive stance on federal climate policies.

Wider Implications for U.S. Climate Policy

The backdrop of this legal tussle includes a broader national debate over the role of federal regulations in combatting climate change. Secretary Buttigieg's ambition to provide states with a framework for environmental stewardship now faces significant hurdles. The office of Attorney General Paxton has been vocal in criticizing what they perceive as the Biden administration's overreach in environmental regulation.

Furthermore, this court decision arrives amidst a flurry of legal activity related to climate policy. Just last week, a coalition of 16 Republican-led states initiated a lawsuit against the Department of Energy over its suspension of several major liquefied natural gas export projects. These legal challenges signify a deepening rift over environmental and energy policy in the United States.

As the debate over the appropriate balance between federal authority and state autonomy continues, this recent court ruling underscores the complexities of implementing nationwide climate policies. The administration's efforts to reduce carbon emissions through transportation regulations have now encountered a significant obstacle.


In conclusion, the overturning of the Biden administration's highway climate rule by a Texas judge represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle to address climate change through regulatory means.

The decision not only highlights the contentious nature of environmental policy in the U.S. but also sets the stage for further legal challenges against federal attempts to combat global warming. With states like Texas leading the charge in questioning the authority of federal agencies to mandate environmental measures, the path forward for such policies appears increasingly fraught with legal and political hurdles.

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