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 June 29, 2024

Biden Said to Meet with Obama, Democratic Leaders in Wake of Debate

President Joe Biden was reportedly planning to meet with key Democratic Party leaders and allies following his poorly received debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

The meeting among party power players such as former president Barack Obama raises speculation about potential replacement candidates for Biden ahead of the Democratic National Convention, as Fox News reports.

One notable insider, Doug Kass, a fund manager at Seabreeze Capital Partners LP and a Democratic National Committee insider, revealed that Biden would be meeting with Obama and his own former chief of staff, Ron Klain, among others. Kass's insights have increased speculation regarding Biden's future in the campaign.

Jill Biden's Unyielding Support for Joe

Despite the turmoil triggered by Biden's debate performance, first lady Jill Biden remains a steadfast supporter of her husband's campaign. Kass reported that Jill Biden is determined that President Biden continues his bid for re-election.

However, the concerns surrounding the president's debate performance are hard to ignore. Biden's raspy voice, frequent loss of train of thought, and rambling answers during the debate have stirred anxiety among his supporters and advisors.

Vice President Not in Running?

Amid this uncertainty, Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly feels overlooked as a possible savior for the ticket. Kass mentioned that Harris is upset at not being considered as a potential replacement candidate, with the spotlight instead falling on California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

This discontent stems from Harris’s position in the administration and the broader political landscape. Despite her status as the current vice president, she is perceived as an unpopular choice for the nomination by many within the party.

Alternative Candidates Take Spotlight

As Biden's performance casts doubt on his campaign, Democratic strategists are suggesting an immediate substitution, with Newsom and Whitmer, seen by some as especially strong last-minute contenders.

Kass mentioned an intriguing detail that could further shape the narrative. According to Kass, his neighbor in East Hampton is imminently scheduled to host a fundraiser for the Bidens. The potential cancellation of this event might be a critical indicator of the campaign's direction.

Strategic Meetings Underway

Biden’s reported meeting with powerful Democratic figures such as Obama and Klain demonstrates the urgency and gravity of the situation. This strategic discussion aims to address Biden's campaign trajectory and explore possible replacement options.

Meanwhile, former President Trump has weighed in on the situation. While acknowledging the speculation around the Democratic ticket, Trump expressed his belief that Biden will ultimately remain the nominee.

Immediate Decisions Required

The push for a decisive and prompt resolution is clear. Democratic strategists argue that any potential changes to the ticket must occur swiftly, ahead of the official nomination at the Democratic National Convention in August.

As speculation abounds, the fate of President Biden's campaign hangs in the balance. The upcoming meeting and fundraiser could prove pivotal in deciding whether Biden continues to be the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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