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 July 6, 2024

Biden Urged to Consider "Plan C" for Democratic Ticket

President Joe Biden has been urged to consider a controversial "Plan C" strategy to secure his reelection bid, according to new reports.

This plan involves potentially replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with former President Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket, a suggestion spurred by Biden's recent debate performance and growing concerns about Donald Trump's campaign momentum, as the Washington Examiner reports.

In the wake of his widely panned debate with former President Donald Trump, Biden supporters are rumored to be exploring a bold new approach to bolster his reelection campaign. Amid the political discourse, legal scholar John Banzhaf from George Washington University Law School has proposed an unconventional solution: replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with former President Barack Obama.

Recent analysis by constitutional scholars suggests that there are no explicit prohibitions in the 12th and 22nd Amendments that prevent a former two-term president from becoming vice president. This insight supports Banzhaf's argument that a Biden-Obama ticket would substantially improve Biden's chances against Trump.

Legal Analysis Supports Biden-Obama Ticket

Banzhaf has asserted that the nuanced language of the 22nd Amendment, which bars a person from being elected president more than twice, does not prevent Obama from serving as vice president or assuming the presidency through succession. He elaborated that this interpretation makes Obama a viable candidate for the vice-presidential role, should Biden become unable to serve.

In his blog post following the Biden-Trump debate, Banzhaf underscored that Obama is a figure of wide trust and respect among Americans, stating that his inclusion on the ticket would reinvigorate public confidence in Biden's leadership.

Despite doubts about Obama's willingness to assume the vice presidency or replace Harris, Banzhaf emphasized the necessity of a strategic move that would guarantee Biden's political survival and success.

Public Confidence and Political Strategy

The proposal made by Banzhaf extends beyond just electoral strategy. He suggested that Biden could preemptively announce a plan to step down after his inauguration, allowing Obama to succeed him. This maneuver would ensure continuity with someone experienced and proven as commander in chief.

Such a move, according to Banzhaf, would not only bolster Biden's campaign but might also uniquely position the ticket to mitigate controversies concerning the president. Specifically, it addresses concerns related to Biden's pledge not to pardon his son, Hunter Biden, from a gun conviction.

Should Biden resign to uphold his statesmanship, Obama’s succession could deflect negative political fallout, thereby preserving the integrity of the presidency and the administration.

Potential Implications and Public Reaction

While the prospect of a Biden-Obama ticket remains speculative, the legal feasibility grounded in constitutional interpretation has stirred significant discussion. Some constitutional scholars maintain that the 22nd Amendment's restriction is solely on election, not succession, creating a possible path for such an unprecedented move.

The public reception to this proposition remains mixed, with some viewing it as a strategic chess move necessary to defeat Trump, while others may see it as a destabilizing gamble. Regardless, the concept of Obama reentering the White House in a vice-presidential capacity is certain to provoke widespread debate.

As the political landscape intensifies, the Democratic Party grapples with various strategies to maintain its hold on the presidency. With Banzhaf's proposal on the table, President Biden faces critical decisions that could reshape the upcoming election's dynamics.

In conclusion, President Joe Biden is considering replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with former President Barack Obama as a "Plan C" to secure reelection. Legal scholar John Banzhaf supports this idea, emphasizing the constitutional viability and potential public trust in such a ticket. The implications and public reaction remain uncertain, but this strategy underscores the high stakes and innovative measures being contemplated ahead of the upcoming election.

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