Written by Ashton Snyder on
 June 25, 2024

Biden Urged to Take Drug Test Before Debate: 'Public Must Know'

Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a drug test before his debate with Donald Trump.

According to the Western Journal, Jackson claimed that Biden may be using performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for the debate.

The congressman from Texas voiced his concerns during a Fox News appearance and reiterated them on social media. Jackson, who served as a physician under both former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, suggested on Sunday that Biden should take a drug test before the upcoming Thursday debate.

Jackson Questions Biden’s Vigor

During his appearance, Jackson pointed to Biden’s unusually energetic performance at the State of the Union address compared to his typical demeanor. He expressed concern over what he perceives as a decline in Biden’s cognitive function over the past three and a half years.

Jackson speculated that Biden might receive medication to enhance his alertness and cognitive abilities. He suggested that Biden's current stay at Camp David might involve preparation involving such medications.

“DRUG TEST BIDEN BEFORE THE DEBATE!” Jackson declared, questioning whether the American people would see the usual “Sleepy Joe” or the more energetic “Jacked-Up Joe” from the State of the Union.

Trump Echoes Drug Test Demand

Trump, during a rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, supported Jackson's claims by suggesting that Biden uses drugs to enhance his debate performance. Trump speculated that Biden receives a shot before debates to boost his performance.

Jackson's remarks have stirred significant controversy. He emphasizes the need for transparency regarding the president’s health. “We have a serious problem here,” Jackson states, insisting on the necessity of a drug test for Biden.

“It’s embarrassing that I have to do this,” Jackson said, acknowledging the uncomfortable nature of his demand. However, he argued that the situation leaves him no choice but to call for such measures.

Calls for Transparency

Jackson's demand for a drug test includes both pre-debate and post-debate screenings to check for performance-enhancing drugs. He emphasized his role as a former White House physician and his concerns about Biden’s cognitive state.

“There was a Joe Biden that came out that was not similar at all to what we see on a day-to-day basis,” Jackson said, referring to Biden’s performance during the State of the Union address. He asserted that medication must be involved in such a transformation.

Jackson also linked Biden's occasional agitation to symptoms of cognitive disorder, adding to his concerns about the president’s health. He noted that Biden’s behavior often aligns with signs of cognitive decline. Trump’s rally remarks asserted that Biden gets a shot before debates to improve his performance. “So a little before debate time, he gets a shot ... and that’s — they want to strengthen him up,” Trump said.


Jackson's call for a drug test has intensified debates about Biden's cognitive abilities and health transparency. He emphasized the public's right to know about the president's health, stating his demand on behalf of concerned Americans. Jackson's comments have become a key issue in discussions about standards for transparency and health in political leadership.

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