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 July 1, 2024

Biden's Debate Performance Blamed on CNN Lighting, Says Ex-Melania Trump Friend

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of Melania Trump, has criticized CNN’s lighting and camera angles during a recent debate for allegedly portraying President Joe Biden in an unflattering manner.

According to Breitbart News, Wolkoff defended Biden against accusations of cognitive decline, attributing his difficulties during debates to inadequate lighting and camera angles.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express her displeasure with CNN’s debate coverage. Wolkoff argued that the network's lighting made President Joe Biden appear pale and fragile, in stark contrast to the more favorable depiction of Donald Trump.

Trump responded on Truth Social, criticizing Wolkoff as a publicity seeker and Biden supporter, and blamed Biden's poor debate performance on his own shortcomings rather than external factors like lighting or the podium.

The former president also confirmed that his family and Wolkoff have parted ways. He stated that despite her claims, Wolkoff does not possess any insider knowledge about Melania or the Trump family.

Wolkoff Highlights Disparity in Visual Presentation

According to Wolkoff, Biden was shown in profile during the debate, accentuating his pallor. On the other hand, Trump was filmed straight on, giving him a more vibrant and assertive appearance. Wolkoff shared her views on X with a series of strongly worded posts, emphasizing the role of visual composition.

In one of her posts, Wolkoff stressed the importance of honor and resilience, qualities she sees in Biden. She contrasted these traits with what she described as Trump's “disruptive” nature.

Wolkoff used two screenshots to support her argument: one from the debate showing Biden’s pale complexion and another from a rally the next day, where Biden appeared healthier. Her intention was to highlight the impact of CNN's production choices on public perception.

Actress Ellen Barkin Echoes Wolkoff's Sentiments

Actress Ellen Barkin also weighed in on X, voicing concerns about CNN's alleged bias during the debate. Using strong language, Barkin criticized the network and questioned why the media had not addressed this issue.

Wolkoff and Barkin's critiques added to the ongoing discourse about media fairness and the influence of visual presentation in political debates.

During the debate, commentators focused on Biden's difficulties in completing his thoughts and sentences, with some noting an episode where he appeared to freeze. In contrast, Trump was observed to have answered questions fluidly and coherently.

Wolkoff Attributes Biden's Struggles to Stuttering

Wolkoff defended Biden, attributing his debate challenges to his lifelong battle with stuttering rather than cognitive decline. She highlighted that this speech condition can disrupt the normal flow of speech, especially under stressful circumstances like a debate.

In summary, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has criticized CNN's lighting and visual framing during the debate, arguing that it unfairly portrayed President Joe Biden. She attributes Biden's debate struggles to his stuttering, not cognitive decline, and plans to support him over Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Wolkoff's views were echoed by actress Ellen Barkin, who criticized CNN for potential bias in their debate coverage.

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