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 June 22, 2024

Biden's DHS Released Accused Murders Now Allegedly Killed 12-Year-Old Girl

Two Venezuelan men are accused of killing 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray after being released by the Department of Homeland Security.

Authorities allege the men strangled the girl in Houston after being freed pending deportation hearings, fueling new debate about the Biden administration's immigration stance, as Breitbart reports.

Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel, 22, and Franklin Pena, 26, were in DHS custody before entering the U.S. near El Paso, Texas. Both were later released on orders of recognizance with a Notice to Appear before federal immigration judges. The young girl’s tragic death has raised questions about immigration policies.

Suspects Allegedly Captured on Surveillance

Martinez-Rangel and Pena are currently accused of murdering 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. Surveillance cameras recorded the suspects with her shortly before her demise in Houston early on June 17. Jocelyn’s body was found later that same day.

The suspects reportedly lured the girl from her apartment building after her mother had gone to bed. According to her boyfriend, he was the last person to talk to her that night. The surveillance footage showed her with Martinez-Rangel and Pena at a 7/11 convenience store shortly after midnight.

The three were last seen heading toward a nearby bridge after leaving the store. Between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., prosecutors allege, Martinez-Rangel and Pena killed Jocelyn and discarded her body in a creek, which was later found in a bayou.

Immigrants Awaiting Deportation Hearings

Both suspects were among the 7.4 million migrants released from DHS custody while awaiting their deportation hearings. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials described Martinez-Rangel and Pena as “illegally present Venezuelan nationals.”

The two men were apprehended near El Paso, Texas, in separate incidents before being released with a court date. Martinez-Rangel was released first, followed by Pena on May 28. Both had orders to appear before a federal immigration judge.

Detainers Placed by ICE

Martinez-Rangel, 22, and Pena, 26, are both currently imprisoned in Harris County Jail. Prosecutors are requesting a bail amount of $1 million each. ICE agents have also placed a detainer on both suspects, requesting custody should they be released.

The tragic incident has fueled criticism regarding the policies which allowed the suspects to be released into the United States.  This alarming case has led to increased scrutiny over the handling of migrants crossing the southern border. DHS procedures for releasing individuals pending their hearings are under the spotlight. The precision of these policies is now being questioned by various stakeholders.

The suspects' alleged actions have cast a shadow on the system meant to manage the influx of migrants while ensuring safety and order. It remains to be seen how policy adjustments might evolve following such a tragic incident.


In summary, Venezuelan nationals Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel and Franklin Pena are accused of murdering 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray after being released into the U.S. by President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security.

The suspects were apprehended near El Paso, Texas, before receiving orders of recognizance with a Notice to Appear before a federal immigration judge. Martinez-Rangel and Pena allegedly killed Jocelyn on June 17 in Houston and are now held in Harris County Jail on $1 million bail each. ICE has placed a detainer on the suspects, requesting custody should they be released.

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