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 June 6, 2024

Biden's Influence on Hunter's Trial Scrutinized

Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial commenced Monday morning in Delaware, concluding the day with the selection of a jury of 12, plus four alternates.

The trial centers on Hunter Biden's alleged falsehood on a federal form during a 2018 revolver purchase in Delaware, where he claimed not to be a drug user despite evidence to the contrary.

PJ Media reported that the jury selection raised eyebrows, particularly because one juror admitted to being acquainted with First Lady Jill Biden and having met President Joe Biden at various events.

After U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika scrapped an earlier plan to plead guilty, Hunter pleaded not guilty. The initiation of this trial is notable, attributed to Judge Noreika's firm stance.

Concerns Over Joe Biden's Involvement In Hunter's Trial

Recent events have fueled speculations about Joe Biden's influence on the trial. Last month, President Biden visited Hallie Biden, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend and Beau Biden’s widow, who is a witness in the case. This unexpected visit has raised concerns about potential jury tampering.

President Biden’s actions on the trial’s opening day have further amplified these concerns. He released a statement separating himself from the case while praising Hunter and addressing his addiction struggles. Additionally, Biden took a day off to stay in Delaware, where the trial is held, leading to suspicions of indirect pressure on the jury and officials involved.

Hunter Biden's High-Profile Appearances Raise Suspicions

In the weeks leading up to the trial, Hunter Biden has been conspicuously visible alongside his father, further fueling suspicions of jury manipulation. Reports have noted his frequent presence at the White House and high-profile events, as well as regular travel with the President on Marine One and Air Force One.

Recently, Hunter was seen riding a bike with his father in Rehoboth and attending a state dinner in May, where he mingled with Attorney General Merrick Garland. Such appearances have led to concerns about public perception and potential jury intimidation.

Journalist Miranda Devine highlighted the troubling nature of President Biden’s actions, noting that his presence in Wilmington sends a clear message to those involved in the trial.

Speculations On Influence And Potential Impact On Trial

Observers have questioned President Biden's intent, given his apparent efforts to stay close to the trial proceedings. His actions, including public statements and personal visits, suggest a strategy to influence the trial's outcome subtly yet noticeably.

Hallie Biden’s role in the trial is significant, as she witnessed firsthand Hunter’s struggles with drug addiction and was involved in an incident where she disposed of his handgun. Her testimony is crucial for the prosecution.

Hunter Biden’s continued presence with his father and the administration’s efforts to highlight his struggles with addiction add layers of complexity to the case. These actions could shape public opinion and potentially impact the trial's fairness.

Conclusion: Trial's Fairness Under Scrutiny

As Hunter Biden’s trial unfolds, the potential influence of President Biden on the proceedings remains a focal point. The jury's impartiality and the trial’s integrity are under scrutiny, given the President's actions and statements. The outcome of this high-profile case will likely have significant implications, not only for Hunter Biden but also for the broader perception of justice and impartiality within the legal system.

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