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 July 6, 2024

Biden’s Medical Disclosure Contradicts White House Press Secretary

President Joe Biden revealed that he saw a physician after a debate with former President Donald Trump, conflicting with earlier statements by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

This statement has sparked new discussions about President Biden's health and capability to run for re-election, with some opining that his condition may be worse than anyone in his inner circle has revealed, as the Daily Wire reports.

In a private meeting with over 20 Democratic governors, President Biden admitted that he consulted a doctor after the debate with Donald Trump. This information was shared by three individuals familiar with the meeting, indicating that Biden was evaluated and cleared by his doctor.

White House Press Secretary's Contradictory Statements

During a recent White House press briefing, however, Karine Jean-Pierre asserted that President Biden had not seen a doctor since his annual physical in February. This was in response to CNN senior White House correspondent MJ Lee’s question about Biden's medical exams.

Lee asked Jean-Pierre if Biden had any medical examination, to which Jean-Pierre categorically replied, “No.” This response fueled curiosity and concern regarding the president’s healthcare following his debate performance.

President's Health Concerns Amid Re-Election Campaign

Despite Jean-Pierre's initial comments, White House spokesman Andrew Bates later confirmed that Biden received a brief medical examination after the debate. According to Bates, the check-up was to assess a cold and confirm that Biden was recovering well. Bates emphasized that this exam was not a full physical, but rather a quick health check.

Biden, addressing the issue on a Wisconsin radio station, acknowledged his subpar debate performance, urging the electorate to consider his accomplishments in office. He admitted to having a "bad night" during the debate but emphasized the significant progress achieved in his administration over the past three and a half years.

Trump's Criticism and Speculations

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump criticized Biden's debate performance harshly. In a leaked video, Trump referred to Biden disparagingly, suggesting that the president might withdraw from the race due to his performance and declining abilities.

Trump seized this moment to highlight what he perceives as Biden's cognitive decline, predicting that Biden would struggle to recover from the debate.

The contrasting narratives from the White House and President Biden have raised eyebrows. Jean-Pierre maintained during the press conference that Biden had not undergone any medical check-ups post his annual physical. Yet, private admissions from Biden and confirmations from Bates suggest otherwise.

President Biden’s mixed messages came at a critical time, with some Democrats expressing concerns over his endurance and ability to lead another election campaign. This has prompted further scrutiny of Biden's overall health and his capacity to continue as a candidate.

Focus Shifts to Biden's Performance in Office

In a recent radio interview, Biden redirected focus from his debate performance to his presidential accomplishments. He highlighted his leadership in reviving the economy, a pivotal point as he continues to persuade the public and party members of his suitability for re-election.

Amid these revelations, the conversation within the Democratic Party is intensifying. This internal debate underscores the broader challenge faced by Biden as he aims to secure his position in the upcoming election cycle.

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