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 May 20, 2024

Biden's Open Borders Risk ISIS Infiltration into U.S.

The United States faces increasing security concerns as its porous borders reportedly permit terrorists to enter without sufficient checks.

According to Fox News, this issue has brought illegal immigration policies into sharp focus, especially following incidents where potential terrorists were apprehended, highlighting national security risks.

In 2014, the world was appalled by the brutal actions of ISIS, including beheadings and genocides, which demonstrated their ruthless capacity for violence. Presently, the ISIS-K faction, known for its extreme methods, is allegedly expanding its global attack plans, which now include the potential use of chemical, biological, and radioactive weapons.

Recent Apprehensions Highlight Security Gaps

Amid growing concerns, specific cases underscore the potential dangers. In February 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained Jovokhir Attoev, an illegal immigrant from Uzbekistan with alleged ISIS-K ties, only to release him into the U.S. This incident came into sharper focus when the Uzbek government confirmed Attoev's terrorist affiliations in May of the following year.

Last month, the Biden administration located Attoev, highlighting a troubling two-year delay. His time at large in the U.S. raises critical questions about the efficiency and effectiveness of current border security and immigration control measures.

Pattern of Lapses in Terrorist Screenings

Another alarming case involved Mohammad Kharwin, an illegal Afghan immigrant, in March 2023. Suspected of appearing on the FBI terror watch list, he was nevertheless released after authorities failed to verify his identity. It took over a year for law enforcement to confirm Kharwin's status and arrest him.

These incidents are not isolated. Since President Joe Biden's term started, over 9 million illegal entries have been recorded, with many individuals neither detained nor expelled. This situation is exacerbated by over 6,000 illegal immigrants from Central Asian countries, regions known for active ISIS-K recruiting efforts, entering the U.S.

The Role of Smugglers with Terrorist Ties

Reports indicate that foreign smugglers with links to terrorist organizations like ISIS are playing a significant role in facilitating these illegal crossings. This raises profound concerns about the oversight and control of U.S. borders.

The administration has faced criticism for not reversing policies that critics argue make the U.S. more vulnerable to terrorist infiltration. Statements from public officials and security experts echo this sentiment, emphasizing the immediate need for stringent border security and robust immigration enforcement.

ISIS-K, notorious for its ruthless attacks, including the killing of 13 U.S. service members during the chaotic Kabul withdrawal, remains a potent threat not just in the Middle East but increasingly on American soil.

Government Response and Public Safety Concerns

Despite these challenges, the open-border policies of the past three years remain largely unchanged, sparking debate on the U.S. government's commitment to protecting citizens from international terror threats.

Critics argue that these policies inadvertently aid those who wish to harm the U.S., ignoring the risks posed by potential terrorist infiltrators among migrants. The presence of ISIS-K affiliates on U.S. soil, evidenced by recent apprehensions, highlights the ongoing threat and underscores the dire implications of such security lapses for national security and the safety of Americans.

As the administration continues its current course, concerns grow about playing into the hands of terrorists, emphasizing the urgent need for decisive action to secure borders and enforce immigration laws. The current situation marks a critical juncture for U.S. national security, making it clear that bolstering border control and overhauling immigration policies is essential.

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