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 March 26, 2024

Biden’s Political Origin Story Could Land Him In Legal Trouble

In an era where truth often seems stranger than fiction, the story shared by President Joe Biden regarding his early legal career and its subsequent impact on his path to public service has captured public attention.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, this narrative, involving his defense of a construction company against an injured welder, has been challenged by inconsistencies and a lack of corroborative evidence.

A Memory Called into Question

During a disclosure to Special Counsel Robert Hur in October 2023, President Biden recounted an episode from his time as a clerk at a law firm in Wilmington, Delaware. He described his role in a legal battle defending a construction company against a 23-year-old welder who had sustained severe injuries.

Biden's legal strategy, he claimed, led to the welder's defeat in court, a result that supposedly drove Biden towards a career as a public defender.

"I wrote this memo. And son of a b—, it prevailed," Biden said, reflecting on the case's outcome. This revelation showcases a pivotal moment in Biden's life and risks criminal charges for misleading a federal agent if proven untrue.

Discrepancies and Denials

However, the integrity of Biden's account has been questioned. Not only do timelines and records suggest that Biden could not have been involved in the case as he described, but factual inaccuracies regarding the law firm's involvement and the case outcome have also emerged. Contrary to Biden's story, the welder in a similar known case won his lawsuit, receiving a significant settlement.

This is not the first time President Biden's personal anecdotes have raised eyebrows for their inaccuracies. His narratives have often been marked by embellishments that span from minor to significant. In this particular story told to Hur, Biden described an immediate career shift following the case, moving to work as a public defender, driven by guilt and a sense of moral misalignment with corporate law.

"And I looked over at that kid…and I thought, ‘son of a b—, I’m in the wrong business, I'm not made for this.’" Such moments, Biden suggested, led to self-reflection and a drastic change in his professional trajectory.

Searching for Truth in the Tales

Despite Biden's vivid recounting, no evidence supports his involvement in the described case or any similar case while he was at the Wilmington law firm. The firm and others familiar with the period have been unable to confirm Biden's account. Furthermore, records from that time have been destroyed, rendering it impossible to verify his story fully.

"He told Hur that he received several offers from 'prestigious law firms,' one of which he landed because of his good looks." This claim, alongside others about his employment history and motivations for entering public service, has added complexity to Biden's narrative, reflecting on his life choices and the influences behind his decision to enter politics.

The Welder's Victory: A Contradictory Outcome

The truth behind Biden's story remains elusive, particularly when considering the outcome of the case he described. Contrary to Biden's account, the welder emerged victorious, which starkly contrasts with Biden's narrative of legal triumph and subsequent guilt. This discrepancy raises questions about the accuracy of Biden's memory and the stories he has shared over the years.

In his 2007 memoir, President Biden offered a different perspective on his early career, noting "very few job prospects" and acknowledging that his employer took a chance on him despite poor grades and a plagiarism incident. This narrative of overcoming obstacles and modest beginnings contrasts with the disputed tale of legal work and moral awakening shared with Hur.

Conclusion: A Complex Tapestry of Fact and Fiction

President Joe Biden's story about his early legal career and its influence on his path to public service presents a complex tapestry of fact and fiction. With records and timelines contradicting his account and no evidence supporting his involvement in the described case, the truth of Biden's narrative remains under scrutiny. This tale, symbolic of the broader challenges in distinguishing truth in public discourse, underscores the importance of verification and the impact of personal anecdotes in shaping public perception of a leader's character and motivations.

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