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 July 2, 2024

Bill Maher Urges Democrats to Find a New Presidential Candidate in NYT Op-Ed

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher is urging Democrats to consider replacing President Joe Biden as their nominee for the upcoming election.

Following Biden's lackluster performance in a recent debate against former President Donald Trump, Maher has voiced his concerns in a New York Times op-ed.

According to Daily Mail, Bill Maher has suggested that the Democratic Party should hold an open convention to find a new candidate. He described Biden's debate performance as "the worst episode of The Golden Bachelor ever," highlighting his belief that the president's age is a significant disadvantage.

Maher's Concerns About Biden's Health and Performance

Supporters of President Biden argued that his poor debate performance was due to a cold.

However, Maher questioned this excuse, asking why Biden was out campaigning the next morning if he was indeed unwell. He used this point to emphasize the need for Democrats to reconsider their choice of nominee.

Maher sees the upcoming convention as a chance for Biden to step aside gracefully. He believes an open competition would invigorate the party and attract public interest. Maher said a new nominee could revitalize the Democrats' chances in the election.

Potential Candidates for an Open Convention

Maher speculated about potential candidates who could enter the race if an open convention were held. He mentioned names like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and several others.

Maher particularly praised Newsom for his strong television presence, which he believes is a crucial factor for success in modern politics.

Maher has been vocal about his concerns regarding Biden's age and policies on his Max show, "Real Time." He has consistently argued that Biden's advanced age could be a liability in the election.

Previous Criticisms of Biden's Policies

In June, Maher criticized Biden's new immigration policy, predicting it would harm his chances of winning the presidency. He pointed out that the policy limits the number of asylum seekers at the border to 2,500 per day, a decision he believes is politically damaging.

Despite Maher's criticisms, Biden's campaign continues to work hard to maintain support from donors and surrogates. However, Democrats are growing concerned about Biden's ability to stay in the race and win the election.


Bill Maher has urged Democrats to consider a new nominee for the upcoming election, citing President Joe Biden's age and recent policy decisions as major concerns. He suggested an open convention, envisioning a competitive race involving several prominent Democratic figures.

Maher has consistently highlighted Biden's age as a potential liability and criticized his immigration policy. The decision ultimately rests with Biden, who is being encouraged by his advisors to remain in the race. Maher's op-ed reflects a growing concern within the Democratic Party about the president's ability to secure re-election.

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