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 July 6, 2024

Bryan Abasolo Refutes Rachel Lindsay's Divorce Claim with New Evidence

Reality television personality Bryan Abasolo has provided new details to counter Rachel Lindsay's claims about how she learned of their impending divorce.

Abasolo disputes Lindsay's narrative in the midst of their contentious divorce, presenting text messages to clarify the timeline and reasons for their separation, as People reports.

Abasolo, a 44-year-old chiropractor, is responding to accusations made by his estranged wife. Lindsay, a 39-year-old former Bachelorette contestant, had claimed that she learned of Abasolo's intent to divorce through a text message in late June.

According to Lindsay, the message she received read, "Hey ... I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed," and it was sent just half an hour after Abasolo left their shared home. This claim has since been strongly refuted by Abasolo, who presented additional text messages to support his version of events.

Bryan Abasolo Shares His Side

In his statements, Abasolo asserted that Lindsay was neither surprised nor shocked by his decision to divorce. He revealed that he had previously informed her about moving their separation to "the next step" through another text message.

Abasolo shared a detailed message outlining what he described as the one-sided nature of their relationship. He highlighted his reasons for avoiding direct communication, including his need to regain self-respect and prevent friction.

In the text, Abasolo wrote, "Rachel, walking in to the room because I didn’t reply to your text per your timeline then raise your voice for not getting the immediate answer you want is the kind of one-sided controlling aspects of our relationship which has brought us to this point." He cited these issues as significant factors leading to their separation.

Officially Filing for Divorce

Abasolo had officially filed for divorce in January, a fact he shared with the public in an Instagram post. In his post, he expressed that after more than four years of marriage, they had made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. He emphasized his desire for privacy during this challenging time. "Please respect the spaces of our family and friends as we figure out our next steps," he requested in the post.

Lindsay has also spoken about the separation on her Higher Learning podcast, describing it as a "difficult time" and mentioning that she would eventually share more details.

Public and Private Reactions

The differing narratives from both parties have fueled public intrigue and media coverage. Lindsay's portrayal of being blindsided by the divorce contrasts sharply with Abasolo's assertions of prior communication and efforts to maintain respect and clarity.

Lindsay remarked on her podcast, “Now is not the time. [I'm] just trying to take it day by day.” Her statements suggest a period of contemplation and processing.

This high-profile separation continues to unfold, with both individuals adamant about their perspectives. Abasolo's disclosure of detailed text messages provides a deeper insight into the dynamics of their relationship and the reasons behind his decision to file for divorce.

As the divorce proceedings continue, it is clear that both Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay are navigating a complex and emotionally charged situation. Their public statements and shared communications offer a window into the challenges faced by the former couple as they seek resolution.

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