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 May 16, 2024

Calls Mount for FDIC Chair Resignation Amid Toxic Culture Claims

The White House and Congress are grappling with a detailed report on the toxic work environment at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) under Chairman Martin Gruenberg.

RealClearPolitics reported that Gruenberg faces significant pressure to resign amid allegations of bullying and harassment within the FDIC.

White House support for Gruenberg is tepid following a 234-page investigation that outlines a toxic atmosphere at the FDIC. The report, compiled by Cleary Gottlieb, was released after a Wall Street Journal exposé described the FDIC as a “good ol' boys club” where female employees faced stalking and harassment.

Report Details Bullying and Harassment

Karine Jean-Pierre, the president’s spokeswoman, noted that Martin Gruenberg had apologized for the issues raised. He is scheduled to testify before Congress this week, with Republicans actively seeking his resignation.

Based on interviews with over 500 employees, the Cleary report highlights pervasive issues within the agency. President Biden previously vowed to fire anyone engaging in such behavior.

Gruenberg, a Biden nominee who has served in the Obama and Trump administrations, was confirmed by the Senate via voice vote. His potential resignation could deadlock the FDIC board during an election year, stalling banking policies.

FDIC Employees Express Concerns

FDIC employees are worried that the issues have become partisan. In an unsigned statement, employees expressed a lack of confidence in the current leadership's ability to implement necessary changes.

Gruenberg has acknowledged his responsibility for the agency's culture and apologized to those who experienced harassment. He plans to establish a new independent office for professional conduct.

Republican Chairman Patrick McHenry of the House Financial Services Committee, along with over a dozen Republicans, has called for Gruenberg's resignation.

Political Fallout and Responses

Democrats, led by Representative Maxine Waters, have largely defended Gruenberg, arguing that the report focuses too much on the current leadership. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen condemned the abuses but stopped short of calling for Gruenberg’s resignation.

The FDIC employees’ statement criticized Gruenberg’s action plan, doubting its effectiveness. Gruenberg’s upcoming congressional testimony is expected to be contentious.

Gruenberg has thanked those who shared their experiences and expressed deep regret for any misconduct. His apology included an acknowledgment of his ultimate responsibility for the FDIC’s workplace culture.


The White House and Congress are dealing with the fallout from a report on a toxic work environment at the FDIC under Chairman Martin Gruenberg. Gruenberg has apologized and plans to announce a new office for professional conduct. Despite some support from Democrats, Republicans are pressing for his resignation, and FDIC employees express doubts about his leadership. Gruenberg is set to testify before Congress amid this intense scrutiny.

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