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 June 10, 2024

CBS Poll Shows Majority Back Deporting Undocumented Migrants

Nearly 62% of Americans support the expulsion of all undocumented migrants, reflecting dissatisfaction with the current immigration system.

According to Mediaite, Margaret Brennan, moderator of CBS Face the Nation, discussed the poll findings in a dialogue with Anthony Salvanto, the head of CBS News polling.

Brennan questioned what this majority sentiment truly represents and the feasibility of such actions. She contended that certain legislative measures, particularly those introduced by former President Donald Trump, face significant logistical and legal issues.

One striking figure shared by Brennan is that President Joe Biden has deported more individuals in the past year than in any year since 2010. This statistic from the Department of Homeland Security points to a significant increase in deportations under the current administration compared to the past decade.

Brennan Highlights Logistical Challenges

Brennan elaborated on the practical challenges of implementing wide-scale deportation policies. She emphasized the dilemma of rounding up families and minors and how such actions might contend with legal and resource limitations. These concerns underscore the complexities faced by law enforcement and local governments.

“It doesn’t seem practical, in some sense, to round up children,” Brennan noted, referencing the limitations on federal and local authorities. She questioned whether this public support was fully aligned with the practical aspects and legal challenges of such policies.

Salvanto provided additional context on the public sentiment captured in the polls. He stressed that polls often reflect broad public mood rather than specific policy endorsements. He suggested that the overwhelming support indicated a general frustration with the current immigration system’s efficacy.

Public Frustration with the System

Salvanto explained, “We are in a different era in which a lot of folks say the system as a whole is not working.” This dissatisfaction transcends individual policies and reflects a collective desire for action, regardless of the technicalities involved.

Contributing to this sentiment is the perception of a broken immigration system, signaling a populace eager for definitive change. The exact interpretation of what deporting all undocumented migrants entails remains somewhat unclear among the majority who support it.

Brennan highlighted that implementing such wide-scale deportations would not be straightforward. The full implications must be understood by examining the legal, logistical, and humanitarian aspects closely.

Questions on Practicality and Legality

The significant support for deporting all undocumented migrants raises critical questions about the practicality of such an endeavor. Despite President Biden’s administration's increasing deportations, public satisfaction remains elusive.

Brennan noted that federal authorities may lack the resources for such measures, and local attempts might face legal and logistical challenges. Salvanto suggested that public support might reflect broader disillusionment with the system rather than a specific call to action, complicating policymakers' tasks.

The latest CBS poll reveals a polarized and frustrated public sentiment regarding the nation’s immigration policies. Although the Biden administration has increased deportations, there is widespread support for even stricter measures. As policymakers navigate these challenges, the discussion on addressing the root causes and public dissatisfaction with the current system persists.

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