Written by Ashton Snyder on
 May 8, 2024

Clinton-Linked Group Finances Climate Protesters

Hillary Clinton's progressive organization, Onward Together, has funneled $500,000 into the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), which backs groups known for contentious anti-oil protests.

According to the Washington Examiner, this funding is linked to groups that engage in disruptive protests.

Onward Together was established by Hillary Clinton following her 2016 presidential campaign loss. The organization aims to bolster emerging groups and leaders that uphold progressive ideals and advocate for democratic principles.

CEF, a charity that endorses direct-action climate activism, is among the groups receiving significant financial support from Onward Together.

Funding Controversial Actions

Between April 2022 and March 2023, Onward Together provided $200,000 to the Climate Emergency Fund. This contribution was part of a larger sum totaling half a million dollars over several years to support CEF's activities.

The Climate Emergency Fund is known for backing highly visible and controversial protests, including those by Just Stop Oil, which famously vandalized a Vincent van Gogh painting in London last year.

Another notable incident funded by CEF occurred in March 2024, when Declare Emergency activists targeted the U.S. Constitution display at the National Archives. These actions, funded through donations like those from Onward Together, have raised questions about the appropriateness and effectiveness of high-stakes environmental activism.

Disruption at National and Cultural Icons

CEF also financially supports Climate Defiance, an organization recognized for its unconventional protest methods. As Climate Defiance approaches its first anniversary, it boasts endorsements and event participation from figures such as Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Ro Khanna, both known for their environmental advocacy.

The controversy extends beyond the methods of protest to the sources of funding. Critics, such as Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of Power the Future, argue that Onward Together's financial support of these groups contributes to radicalization and jeopardizes public safety. Turner has even called for a congressional investigation into what he refers to as "the shady origins and dastardly flow of this tainted Clinton cash."

Concerns Over Funding Sources and Impact

Despite these criticisms, Onward Together's contributions are part of a broader support network for various causes aligned with progressive values. Other beneficiaries of their largesse include the Voter Participation Center and NextGen America, which highlight a diversified approach to funding social and political change initiatives.

The Climate Emergency Fund itself garners support from a wide array of donors. Notables such as Rory Kennedy, Adam McKay, Jeremy Strong, and Abigail Disney have also contributed, showcasing the broad appeal of CEF’s mission within progressive circles. Moreover, Aileen Getty, a notable donor, ironically benefits from wealth accumulated through the oil industry, adding a layer of complexity to the funding narrative.

Broad Spectrum of Donors

The political engagement does not stop with Onward Together. In 2021, a political action committee affiliated with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez directed $9,000 to CEF, further intertwining climate activism with political support from various quarters of the Democratic Party.

In conclusion, the financial connections between Hillary Clinton's Onward Together and the Climate Emergency Fund, alongside other politically affiliated entities, underscore a significant and controversial strategy in combating climate change. The support for direct-action protest groups raises important questions about the balance between activism and public safety, the ethical considerations of funding sources, and the overall strategy of environmental advocacy within the current political landscape.

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