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 June 30, 2024

Comedic Icon Martin Mull Dies At 80 After Long Illness

A well-loved actor and creative icon has passed away, as his daughter recently confirmed.

Martin Mull died at age 80 on June 27, following a prolonged health battle, as the Daily Mail reports.

Mull, a revered figure in television and film, passed away on Thursday at his home, confirmed by his daughter Maggie Mull. His death comes after a valiant fight against a lengthy illness, leaving a significant void in the entertainment industry.

The easily recognizable star was widely known for his work in numerous TV shows and movies. His memorable performances included his portrayal as Colonel Mustard in the cult classic Clue, and his role as Leon Carp on the beloved series Roseanne. Other notable roles included his collaboration with Fred Willard on Fernwood 2 Nite, and his character Principal Willard Kraft on Sabrina: The Teenage Witch from 1997 to 2000.

A Prolific Career in Multiple Fields

Throughout his career, Mull demonstrated his versatility across various creative fields. He appeared as Ed Munn on The Ellen Show from 2001 to 2002 and was a regular on Hollywood Squares between 1998 and 2004, appearing in a staggering 425 episodes. In more recent years, Mull played the father of Seth Green's character in Dads (2013).

Mull's body of work also extended to classic films such as Mr. Mom and Mrs. Doubtfire, with his final appearance coming in the series The Afterparty. His legacy includes an Emmy nomination in 2016 for his role as Bob Bradley in Veep and guest appearances on shows like Not Dead Yet and Grace and Frankie.

Born in Chicago, Mull's early life was marked by several relocations. His family moved to North Ridgeville, Ohio, when he was just two years old, and later to New Canaan, Connecticut, at the age of 15. He pursued a fine arts education and earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design.

A Multifaceted Artist and Musician

In addition to his acting career, Mull was an accomplished songwriter and musician. He penned Jane Morgan’s 1970 country single "A Girl Named Johnny Cash," composed the theme for the 1970 series The 51st State, and worked as a music producer for the 1971 film Jump. Mull's breakout role came with Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and its spinoff Fernwood 2 Nite.

His daughter, Maggie Mull, shared her grief through social media, emphasizing her father's exceptional contributions to multiple creative fields and his impact on those around him. "He was known for excelling at every creative discipline imaginable and also for doing Red Roof Inn commercials. He would find that joke funny. He was never not funny," she noted on Instagram.

Tributes from Friends and Colleagues

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, who worked with Mull on Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, expressed her condolences and fond memories. She posted on Instagram, "Rest in Peace my friend. The incredible #MartinMull (Principal Kraft) has left us for his eternal rest."

"I have such fond memories of working with him and being in awe of his huge body of work," she continued, citing his roles in Roseanne and Mr. Mom as particularly impactful. Hart also recounted his advice about taking every job offered, reflecting his dedication to his craft.

Martin Mull's passing is a significant loss to the entertainment world. His extensive career spanning decades and diverse roles has left an indelible mark. He will be remembered for his talent, wit, and endless contributions to comedy, television, and film.

He is survived by his wife, daughter, and numerous friends and colleagues who will deeply miss him. Many fans and friends alike will cherish and remember the humor, creativity, and warmth that Martin Mull brought into their lives.

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