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 June 14, 2024

Congressional Staffers Attacked in Armed Robberies in D.C.

In a weekend of violence, congressional staffers were victims of armed robberies in Washington, D.C.

A series of attacks targeted employees from the offices of Representatives Dan Bishop and Mike Collins, illustrating a troubling rise in violent crime in the capital.

Fox News reported that the incidents occurred in the Navy Yard area near the Capitol. The staffers work for Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) and Rep. Mike Collins (R-Ga.). Authorities suspect the same group was responsible for both crimes. The initial robbery happened early on Monday morning, involving at least two staffers.

Details of the First Incident

Three suspects, one with a handgun, exited a black sedan and demanded a staffer's watch. Another victim resisted, leading to threats from the armed suspect.

Octavian Miller, a staffer for Collins, recounted that his friend struck one of the assailants. “I’m thankful that he is safe and proud of him for successfully fending off the attackers," Rep. Bishop stated.

In the second robbery later that morning, four men, including another congressional staffer and an intern, were targeted. Two armed suspects emerged from a black car, searched the victims, and stole items like iPhones and jewelry.

Surge in Violent Crime

Washington, D.C. has seen a 39 percent increase in violent crime from 2022 to 2023, with 274 homicides recorded. As of June 12, 2024, there have been 1,520 violent crimes reported this year, including 80 homicides and 885 robberies.

Past incidents point to a troubling trend. Last year, four incidents saw three staffers and one member of Congress robbed or attacked. Rep. Bishop condemned the city's situation: "It’s an utter indictment of our capital city that this type of violent crime is so commonplace."

Responses from Officials

Rep. Collins also expressed his frustration, stating on X, "Time and time again D.C.’s leadership proves they are incapable of governing and protecting its citizens." He emphasized that crime in Washington affects everyone.

Collins further criticized local policies, calling for a return to law and order. He suggested reevaluating home rule to restore congressional control over the city. "What needs to happen is we have got to get back to a nation of law and order," Collins argued.

Rising Violence Demands Urgent Action

The recent incidents add to a growing list of violent encounters faced by congressional staffers in the city. In 2023, a staffer for Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.) was robbed at gunpoint, another for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was stabbed, and Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.) was attacked in her building.

Collins insisted that D.C. must address its crime issues: "We’ll make sure that these blue cities […] understand that when you break the law, you’re gonna pay for what you did." Miller echoed this sentiment, urging local leadership to ensure residents' safety.

The surge in violent crime in Washington, D.C., is a pressing concern. Attacks on congressional staffers underscore the urgent need for effective policies and safety measures. With a rise in violent incidents, policymakers and residents alike are calling for immediate and decisive action to protect the city's inhabitants and its visitors.

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