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 June 15, 2024

Connecticut Democratic Figures Face Election Charges

In a striking development, four Democratic operatives from Connecticut have been charged with election-related offenses.

According to Fox News, among those charged are Bridgeport City Councilmember Alfredo Castillo and Democratic Town Committee Vice Chair Wanda Geter-Pataky, accused of unlawful possession of absentee ballots and witness tampering during Mayor Joseph Ganim’s 2019 re-election campaign.

The charges highlight alleged unlawful possession of absentee ballots and witness tampering among various accusations. The operatives charged include Bridgeport City Councilmember Alfredo Castillo, Democratic Town Committee Vice Chair Wanda Geter-Pataky, and two campaign workers whose names have not been disclosed. The accusations are connected to the 2019 re-election campaign of Mayor Joseph Ganim, leading to renewed scrutiny of the electoral process in Connecticut.

Prominent Figures Implicated in Election Scandal

Wanda Geter-Pataky and Alfredo Castillo face specific accusations related to absentee ballots. Geter-Pataky was alleged of not signing as an "assister" on an absentee ballot application. Castillo, meanwhile, was accused of misrepresenting eligibility requirements for absentee ballots and failing to sign as an "assister."

Of the four individuals facing charges, three were supporters of Mayor Ganim, while the fourth backed his primary opponent, Marilyn Moore. This detail underscores the intricate dynamics at play within local political alliances.

The defendants are set to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on June 24. This court appearance will mark a pivotal moment as the legal proceedings begin to unfold.

2019 Re-Election Campaign Under Scrutiny

The controversy surrounding the 2019 mayoral primary in Bridgeport also comes to light. Accusations of absentee ballot fraud prompted the primary to be overturned. Only 251 votes separated Mayor Ganim from his then-challenger John Gomes, illustrating the narrow margin that could have been influenced by alleged tampering. Judge William Clark ordered a new election after CCTV footage purportedly showed Geter-Pataky making multiple trips to insert absentee ballots into drop boxes. This footage, some of which was aired on Fox News, has been central to the case.

Connecticut Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont dismissed claims linking early voting and expanded absentee balloting with potential corruption. Instead, he emphasized, “I think it’s people who are corrupting,” reiterating his stance on the integrity of the electoral process.

Law Enforcement Takes Action

The involvement of law enforcement in this case has been significant. Chief Connecticut State’s Attorney Patrick J. Griffin confirmed that three out of the four accused also face charges of witness tampering. Griffin underscored the importance of maintaining the integrity of the voting process, stating, "Integrity of our voting process is vital to our democracy." The Chief State's Attorney’s office aimed to send a strong message with these prosecutions. Griffin expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Statewide Prosecution Bureau, hoping these actions deter future tampering with electoral results in Connecticut.

As the investigation continues, all four defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This foundational principle of the justice system remains a critical aspect of the ongoing legal procedures. Fox News Digital reached out to Castillo, Geter-Pataky, and the Connecticut Democratic Party for comments, but they have yet to respond. The silence from those involved leaves many questions unanswered as the case progresses.

With the upcoming court appearance, the public and political analysts alike await the next developments. The implications of this case could extend beyond Bridgeport, potentially impacting broader discussions on electoral integrity nationwide.


Connecticut’s electoral system finds itself under a microscope, with this investigation serving as a cautionary tale. As the story unfolds, the proceedings on June 24 will likely be a defining moment for all parties involved.

This situation reveals the ongoing challenges in ensuring the sanctity of the democratic process. As Governor Lamont stated, this incident highlights the actions of individuals rather than systemic flaws, emphasizing the need for vigilance in protecting democracy.

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