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 June 20, 2024

Could Trump's VP Pick Be A Tearful Doug Burgum? Insiders Speculate

Donald Trump's consideration of North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum as a potential vice president is causing a stir due to Burgum's emotional public displays.

According to Daily Mail, Trump's known disdain for men who show vulnerability could impact Burgum's chances despite his loyalty and appeal.

Doug Burgum's Emotional Public Appearances

Since Doug Burgum announced his run for governor in 2016, he has often shown emotion during public appearances. These emotional displays usually occur when he discusses deeply personal matters.

Burgum has shown emotional responses when discussing personal and public matters, such as his father's death and pandemic policies. His tendency to become visibly moved during discussions on sensitive topics like meth addiction and gratitude highlights his empathetic character.

Trump’s Known Preference for Stoicism

Donald Trump has long exhibited a preference for stoic masculinity in his leaders. This is grounded in his belief that emotional displays, particularly crying, signify weakness.

John Fredericks, a conservative broadcaster, aligned with this notion by stating, "I just don't think men crying in public fits the Trump image or the moment." Trump’s own words in his biography "TrumpNation" emphasize this view further: "I don't believe in crying. It's just not my thing... when I see a man cry I view it as a weakness."

Emotional Moments in Burgum’s Speeches

Despite Trump's preference, Burgum’s emotional episodes have been notable and frequent. He has never actually wept in public, yet there have been several moments where he came close. During his first State of the State address in 2017, Burgum choked up while discussing gratitude and a homeless meth addict.

In a more recent example from 2020, Burgum displayed tears while urging the public not to politicize pandemic masks. He pointed out that mask-wearing is often a protective measure for loved ones in vulnerable conditions.

Trump’s Preference and Historical Reactions

However, it is worth noting that Trump’s historical reactions to emotional public figures have been harsh. A notable instance was his reaction to Brett Kavanaugh's emotional Senate questioning.

"I wonder how #45 is reacting to Kavanaugh’s crying," tweeted Omarosa Manigault-Newman, reflecting public curiosity about Trump’s stance. Insiders are aware of Trump's aversion to emotional displays, which is likely to influence his VP choice. "There's no secret he views crying as a sign of weakness in men," an insider commented.

Current VP Contenders and Speculation

Despite this, Burgum remains a contender among other potential candidates, including Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and J.D. Vance. Vance might be favored by conservatives, but Burgum’s loyalty appeals to Trump.

The Trump campaign has been keen to curb premature speculation about the VP choice. Brian Hughes, a senior adviser, reiterated, "As President Trump has said himself, the top criteria in selecting a vice president is a strong leader... But anyone telling you they know who or when President Trump will choose his VP is lying unless that person is named Donald J. Trump."

Conclusion: Trump’s Choice for VP

The selection of Trump's vice presidential running mate continues to be a topic of active speculation. Governor Doug Burgum’s emotional public appearances might be a pivotal point in Trump’s consideration, given his preference for stoic display over visible vulnerability. As discussions about Burgum's potential candidacy persist, the decision ultimately depends on Trump’s final judgment. Alongside Burgum, other strong contenders like Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and J.D. Vance remain in the race, keeping the anticipation around Trump’s eventual choice alive.

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