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 July 5, 2024

Dave Ramsey’s Unvarnished Guidance On Fun Money Dispute

Dave Ramsey did not hold back in his advice to a married couple wrangling over fun money contributions.

According to Daily Mail, Ramsey urged the couple to see their finances as a unified entity in marriage rather than separate accounts.

Val, a woman who wrote to Dave Ramsey, works outside the home alongside her husband. They are at an impasse over how to handle their discretionary spending contributions.

Val Reaches Out For Financial Help

Her husband suggested they each contribute 5 percent of their earnings to an account reserved for discretionary spending. However, since he earns significantly more, he would end up with a larger sum to spend, which seemed unfair to Val.

Though Val isn’t greedy and doesn't indulge in frivolous expenditures, she believes that contributing an equal dollar amount would be much fairer. She sought Ramsey's perspective on this disagreement.

Ramsey critiqued the husband’s proposal, describing it as immature and selfish. “I’m sure your husband means well and he’s really a good guy overall, but it sounds like he hasn’t thought this whole thing through,” Ramsey insisted. He pointed out that limiting fun money to the income earner would be unreasonable in families where only one spouse works outside the home.

Ramsey Emphasizes A Combined Financial Vision

According to Ramsey, most spouses who do not work outside the home still fulfill numerous responsibilities and contribute significantly. Placing a monetary value on their contributions would reflect a considerable income.

He stressed the philosophy of ‘our income’ and ‘our assets’ instead of focusing on individual earnings. Ramsey reminded the couple of their marriage vows, asserting that marriage should be a partnership in every way, including financially.

He asked Val and her husband to reflect on their wedding day when they were pronounced “as one.” He emphasized that their joined income, assets, and responsibilities should be viewed collectively, not individually.

Ramsey’s Advice To Married Couples

“If you own a home, it’s our home,” Ramsey said. “It’s not more his home just because he makes more money than you. Our kids, our marriage, our everything. Get the picture?”

Ramsey concluded with a stern reminder: marriage is not a “me” proposition; it should always be viewed as a “we” proposition. He urged Val’s husband to embrace this mindset for the benefit of their partnership.

The story highlights a common issue many couples face regarding finances and underscores the importance of a unified approach. Ramsey's advice serves as a reminder that marriage requires collaboration in all aspects, notably in managing finances.


As this story illustrates, contributing equally to fun money doesn’t mean contributing equivalent percentages when earnings are lopsided. Fairness in marriage often means thinking about what’s best for the partnership as a whole, rather than what feels fair to individual members. Dave Ramsey's insights resonate beyond this specific case, offering valuable guidance for any couple navigating financial complexities in their relationship.

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