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 May 22, 2024

Defense Calls Surprise Witness in Trump Trial, Judge Clears Court After Tense Exchange

The courtroom gasped as Donald Trump's defense team called a shocking new witness.

The prosecution rested its case after three days of testimony from Michael Cohen, a key witness in the ongoing trial that could implicate former President Donald Trump.

According to Daily Mail, the defense introduced Robert Costello as a new witness, leading to a tense exchange that resulted in the judge clearing the court.

Michael Cohen's Lengthy Testimony

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, spent three days on the stand. During his testimony, Cohen admitted to stealing $60,000 from the Trump Organization. This revelation was a significant moment in the trial, as Cohen's credibility was already under intense scrutiny.

In addition to his admission of theft, Cohen also disclosed an incident involving a photo extortion attempt related to Tiffany Trump, the daughter of the former president. This further complicated the proceedings and added to the drama in the courtroom.

Uncertainty about whether Donald Trump himself would testify lingered over the court. For those following the trial, this possibility remained a point of speculation and anticipation.

Defense Team's Unexpected Move

Just as the courtroom thought the day’s surprises were over, Trump's attorneys boldly called Robert Costello to the stand. Costello, a lawyer, was expected to provide testimony that could undermine Cohen's credibility further.

Costello accused Cohen of "spewing lies" during his testimony. This direct accusation added to the already high tensions in the courtroom.

The unexpected testimony from Costello drew gasps from those present and shifted the dynamic of the trial. It highlighted the defense's strategy to discredit Cohen and cast doubt on his allegations against Trump.

Judge Clears the Court

The judge overseeing the trial reacted dramatically to the tension between the witnesses. Following a heated exchange and what appeared to be a "stare down" between Cohen and Costello, the judge ordered the court to be cleared.

This move underscored the volatile nature of the proceedings and the high stakes involved. The courtroom clearing was a rare occurrence, indicating the moment's intensity.

As the trial progresses, the focus remains on the testimonies and the strategies employed by the prosecution and the defense. Each new development adds to the unfolding drama and the eventual outcome of the case.


The trial involving former President Donald Trump has taken several unexpected turns. Michael Cohen's testimony included admissions of theft and an extortion attempt, while Robert Costello's surprise appearance aimed to discredit Cohen. The judge's decision to clear the court added to the tension and highlighted the high stakes of the proceedings.

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