Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 9, 2024

Democratic Lawmakers Suggest Biden Step Aside, Back Harris

Breitbart News reported that a group of lawmakers is advocating for President Joe Biden to step down as the Democratic presidential nominee, with support shifting to Vice President Kamala Harris.

The call took place on Sunday afternoon and involved several notable Democrats, including Representative Jerry Nadler of New York, Representative Mark Takano of California, Representative Don Beyer of Virginia, and Representative Adam Smith of Washington.

During this call, the congressmen voiced their concerns regarding Biden's ability to effectively serve another term, suggesting that he should step aside for the benefit of the party.

Private Discussion Among Lawmakers Raises Concerns

Political analyst John Bresnahan, co-founder of Punchbowl News, reported the details of this conversation in a post on X, highlighting that the call's participants largely favored Vice President Kamala Harris as the nominee. Bresnahan later clarified that an aide to Representative Don Beyer conveyed Beyer's continued support for President Biden but mentioned his openness to backing Harris if Biden decided to withdraw.

Jake Sherman, a founder of Punchbowl News, added further context by sharing comments attributed to Representative Beyer. Beyer was reportedly concerned about Biden's physical and cognitive fragility. He described his state as "very, very fragile" while acknowledging that Biden's handshake remained firm, even though he struggled to articulate cohesive thoughts during conversations.

Sherman’s account included Beyer's perspective on Harris's potential to win in the upcoming election, suggesting that her position as the incumbent would strengthen her candidacy. Beyer emphasized his willingness to support whatever the Democratic leadership deemed necessary for the party's success.

Shift in Support Following Presidential Debate

The urgency for Biden to reconsider his candidacy intensified after a contentious debate on June 27 between Biden and former President Donald Trump. This event seemingly amplified the concerns among Democrats, donors, and voters about Biden's capability to lead another term.

Adding to the growing list of critics, Representative Joe Morelle of New York has publicly urged Biden to step aside, expressing doubts about his ability to secure a victory. Bresnahan noted Morelle’s pessimism about Biden’s chances in light of the looming threat posed by a potential Trump candidacy.

Former Obama administration Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro also expressed skepticism, pointing out that Biden no longer demonstrated the same campaigning strength he exhibited in 2020 and warning that a rematch with Trump could result in defeat for the incumbent president.

Consensus Among Some Democrats for Biden to Step Down

Representatives Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Angie Craig of Minnesota, and Lloyd Doggett of Texas are among those calling for Biden to withdraw. Their concerns resonate with party segments and align with the growing sentiment that Biden may not be the ideal candidate to lead the party to another victory.

Additionally, Adam Frisch, a congressional candidate from Colorado’s 3rd District, has expressed similar views, further fueling the discourse around Biden’s candidacy. These calls for change underscore a broader debate within the party about its direction and leadership as it prepares for the upcoming election cycle.

This internal discussion within the Democratic Party presents a pivotal moment as Biden faces intensified scrutiny regarding his physical and cognitive readiness for a second term. The growing support for Vice President Harris illustrates an emerging consensus among certain Democratic lawmakers, supporters, and strategists who believe that fresh leadership could better position the party for success in the next election.


Democratic lawmakers, including Reps. Jerry Nadler, Mark Takano, Don Beyer, and others have privately suggested that President Joe Biden step aside in favor of Vice President Kamala Harris. This recommendation follows concerns about Biden's capacity to serve another term, which intensified after a recent presidential debate with former President Donald Trump.

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