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 June 2, 2024

Democrats' 'Convicted Felon' Label for Trump Won't Sway Voters, Says Leavitt

Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt has fired back at Democrats, accusing them of using a political strategy that she says is doomed to fail.

Leavitt, the national press secretary for the Trump campaign, criticized the Democrats' strategy of labeling former President Donald Trump a "convicted felon" following his guilty verdict on all 34 counts in his business records trial, asserting that this strategy will not deter voters come November, as Breitbart reports.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday, Leavitt accused the Democrats of attempting to dissuade voters by gloating over and publicizing Trump's recent conviction. She was clear in her belief that this tactic would be vehemently rejected by the American electorate.

"This was a part of the Democrats’ political strategy to bring this case forward. And anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. I mean, that is exactly what they want to do, Matt, to call President Trump a convicted felon," said Leavitt.

Trump Campaign Predicts Phrase Will Backfire

Leavitt stressed her prediction that Americans would consistently hear the term "convicted felon" used against Trump until November’s Election Day. She remains convinced that rather than dissuading voters, the tactic would expose the Democrats' desperation. "Americans are going to hear them use that phrase a billion times between now and Election Day in November," she predicted.

Leavitt's comments reflect a broader strategy by the Trump campaign to counteract what they see as politically motivated prosecutions. The campaign continues to argue that these attempts are futile against Trump’s solid voter base.

Critique of Biden's Tackling of National Issues

Leavitt did not limit her criticism to the Democrats' legal strategies. She contended that President Joe Biden had failed to remedy significant national issues such as inflation, the border crisis, and the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

"Because this conviction does not make Joe Biden any stronger. It does not make Joe Biden any more competent. It doesn’t fix inflation. It doesn’t fix the border crisis that is wreaking havoc in every American community across this country. It’s not going to stop the war in Israel, in Gaza," she detailed.

Leavitt suggested that Americans are more concerned with economic and security issues than with ongoing legal battles. She accused President Biden of diverting attention from these pressing problems by focusing on the prosecution of Trump.

Claims of a Corrupted Justice System

Leavitt claimed that the justice system is compromised and weaponized against Trump. She asserted that this perception is shared by many Americans who view the trial as unfair.

"And they don’t realize that and you know what? Let them talk stupid until Election Day. Let them deny the reality of the problems that Americans are facing in this country, because President Trump is out there talking about those problems every single day and offering solutions and exposing the truth about our corrupt weaponized system of justice," she continued.

Leavitt emphasized her belief that Americans recognize the trial's bias and that it fuels support for Trump rather than diminishes it. She concluded that the public would see through the alleged political ploy by the Democrats. In her closing remarks, Leavitt reiterated her stance on the trial’s fairness. "And this trial was totally unfair, and they see that," she declared.

Karoline Leavitt’s vehement response encapsulates the Trump campaign’s position on the recent conviction and its overall strategy to highlight national issues as the 2024 election approaches.

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