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 June 18, 2024

Democrats Mull Replacing Biden Amid Growing Concerns

Growing apprehension surrounds President Joe Biden's tenure as questions about his age and recent incidents fuel speculation over his re-election campaign.

A report from Daily Mail revealed that noteworthy Democrats are contemplating a potential candidate swap if Biden’s ratings dip further.

Recent sightings and awkward public moments have sparked concerns. Former President Barack Obama was seen assisting Joe Biden off stage during a Los Angeles fundraiser. At a White House Juneteenth event, Biden stood inactive for about a minute, needing aid from Philonise Floyd. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates dismissed this incident as a "cheap fake memo," aiming to quash arising doubts.

Conjecture About Biden’s Political Future

Speculation continues to rise about what has been labeled the "Great Joe Biden Replacement Theory." Pollster Nate Silver pointed out Biden’s dipping approval figure, currently at 37.4%. He stressed that voters were worried about Biden's aging status, adding to the controversy.

Washington correspondent Mark Leibovich compared Biden to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, suggesting overreach in service. Political consultant James Carville opined that Biden’s re-election bid may have been ill-advised, shedding light on internal party tensions.

Adding to strategic preparations, David Axelrod from the Biden campaign disclosed that an early presidential debate is slated for June 27. This debate is perceived as a critical juncture: a standout performance could garner vital support, but a poor showing would likely embolden replacement theorists.

Mixed Opinions and Political Maneuvers

Veteran media analyst Mark Penn stated that the upcoming CNN debate might serve as Biden's final opportunity to affirm his suitability to voters. An unnamed party strategist echoed this by asserting that only elite Democrats like Obama, Bill Clinton, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Charles Schumer have the clout to orchestrate Biden’s replacement if necessity arises.

Political observer Joe Klein speculated on the appeal of nominating a fresh, dynamic candidate who might electrify the party with a galvanizing convention speech. However, issues complicate this theory, as Biden could resist resigning amid rising internal frustrations.

Moreover, there is rumored friction between Biden and Obama, with reports suggesting Obama had initially opposed Biden’s 2020 candidacy. The Democratic National Committee reportedly plans an online nomination process to exert greater control over selecting the nominee if required.

Vice President Kamala Harris Unlikely Replacement

Vice President Kamala Harris is considered an improbable successor, given doubts over her performance and the possible backlash from progressives. A Democratic consultant confirmed that Harris would only step up if Biden were to pass away.

A grand public event involving key Democratic figures would be necessary to symbolically transition power to a new candidate. This event aims to preserve party unity and public confidence through a smooth transition.

In anticipation of this potential leadership change, Biden has emphasized the significance of the 2024 election for the future of American democracy. Nonetheless, if leading Democrats conclude Biden stands a substantial chance of defeat, they may be compelled to take decisive measures.

President Biden's leadership is under intense scrutiny due to declining approval ratings and recent public missteps. Key Democratic influencers, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Charles Schumer, are considering the potential impact of either supporting or replacing Biden as a candidate. The Democratic party is navigating these challenges with the upcoming 2024 election in mind, making the forthcoming debate and internal party dynamics crucial to Biden's political future.

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