Written by Ashton Snyder on
 June 28, 2024

Democrats Panic Over Biden's Debate Performance

Democrats are reeling after President Joe Biden's troubling debate performance against Donald Trump on Thursday night.

According to Daily Mail, the Democratic Party is grappling with serious concerns about Biden's age and capacity to continue his re-election bid after his struggle during the debate.

Biden, 81, stumbled throughout the 90-minute debate, leading to growing calls for him to be replaced on the ticket. Immediately after taking the stage, Biden's voice was hoarse, and he frequently cleared his throat. He appeared disoriented, often looking blankly into the camera or down at his notes.

Concerns About Biden's Performance

The President repeatedly lost his train of thought and stumbled over his words. David Axelrod, a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama, expressed shock at Biden's early struggles. Axelrod said, "There would be 'discussions' in the party after the debate about whether Biden should continue his run for re-election."

Throughout the debate, Biden struggled to finish his sentences or talk points. CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash had to frequently remind him to use the rest of his time. Biden's former White House communications director, Kate Bedingfield, also criticized his performance, describing it as "really disappointing."

An activist and CNN commentator, Van Jones, described the debate as "painful." He suggested that some party members might push for Biden to consider stepping aside, given his performance.

Voices Within the Party

Various Democratic strategists and commentators voiced their concerns either anonymously or on social media. MSNBC contributors Max Burns and Jimmy Van Bramer expressed their shock and concern. Burns asserted, "I don’t know if high-level conversations are happening right now about Biden’s concerning performance, but it would be political malpractice to pretend tonight advanced the Biden campaign."

Nicole Wallace of MSNBC noted that the conversation about replacing Biden was "live and active at the highest levels of the Democratic party." Joy Reid shared that the universal reaction was approaching panic, with concerns about Biden appearing feeble and weak.

Kenneth Vogel cited a prominent Democrat who simply texted, "Gavin please...," referring to California Governor Gavin Newsom as a potential replacement. Kasie Hunt quoted a Democrat saying, "If I was Gavin (Newsom) or Gretchen (Whitmer), I’d be making calls tonight," and another stating, "we are f***d."

Official Responses and Reactions

Despite these concerns, Biden's spokesman, Andrew Bates, dismissed the criticism and praised Biden for making a "strong argument for his vision" during the debate. Bates reacted by saying, "We have plenty of experience offering backbone transplants."

Jimmy Van Bramer wrote, "Texts from family and friends, all Democrats who despise Trump, are extremely concerning. You cannot just spin this and ignore the fact that this is not going well for our side."

The debate has intensified the already present anxieties about Biden's age and his ability to serve another four years. Axelrod noted that Biden's performance confirmed fears about his age and ability to serve effectively. Calls for Biden to be replaced have grown louder, with influential voices within the party weighing in on the debate's fallout. The conversation about a potential replacement is gaining momentum as the party considers its options.

As the Democratic Party grapples with the aftermath of this debate, the focus remains on addressing the concerns about Biden's capabilities and whether a change in candidacy is necessary. Thursday night's debate has left the party in a state of uncertainty, questioning the future of their leadership and their chances in the upcoming election.


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