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 March 15, 2024

Democrats Panicking About Biden Being Forced Out By Third-Party Candidate

According to Fox News, Democratic strategists consider third-party presidential candidates the most significant risk to their chances of winning elections.

To counter this, they are launching a campaign through the Democratic National Committee aimed at reducing their influence and preventing any advantage they might give to Donald Trump.

Democratic Strategists Combat Third-Party Vote Risks

Lis Smith and Matt Corridoni, seasoned campaigners with a history of supporting Buttigieg, are at the forefront of this initiative. Their mission encompasses a comprehensive strategy involving opposition research, legal challenges, and a robust communications effort to inform voters about the risks associated with third-party voting.

This move comes amid growing apprehension within the Democratic ranks about the potential for third-party candidates to siphon votes away from the party's nominee, thereby facilitating a path for Trump's comeback. Joe Trippi, a respected figure within the party and a veteran strategist, has voiced concerns, labeling third-party candidates as the primary hazard over other issues like Biden's age or Trump's legal entanglements.

Pat Dennis, leader of American Bridge, a Democratic research group, regrets not taking stronger action against candidates like Jill Stein in past elections. He emphasizes the critical need for a united front against Trump, warning against the divisive effects of movements like No Labels and individuals like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whom he views as unintentional allies of Trump's campaign.

Unifying Against the Threat of Division

The DNC's strategy is not solely about negating third-party influence; it's about reinforcing the unity within the anti-Trump coalition. Dennis's perspective is clear: unity is the key to victory, and division could pave the way for Trump's success. This viewpoint is echoed by Joe Trippi, who co-founded a super PAC dedicated to addressing the dangers of third-party voting, especially in battleground states. The focus is on enlightening voters about the potential consequences of their choices, highlighting the binary nature of the upcoming election.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill and Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, have both underscored the necessity of voter education. McCaskill calls for substantial investment in campaigns to delineate the risks associated with third-party votes, suggesting that any vote not cast for Biden could indirectly support Trump. Although skeptical of the No Labels movement's chances in 2024, Wilson stresses the dire implications of a three-way race, implicitly favoring Trump.

Under the guidance of figures like Lis Smith and Matt Corridoni, the DNC plans to implement a multifaceted approach. This includes combating the immediate threats posed by third-party candidacies and laying a foundation for informed voting practices. Corridoni's commitment to ensuring voters are well-informed and candidates adhere to rules reflects a proactive stance against electoral fragmentation.

Democratic Operatives Rally for a Focused Campaign

The challenge posed by third-party candidates in presidential elections is not new, but the stakes are perceived as higher than ever. The DNC's concerted effort to address this issue head-on signifies a strategic pivot, recognizing the complex dynamics at play in the upcoming election. By mobilizing resources and expertise, the party aims to consolidate its base and appeal to undecided or swing voters whom alternative candidates might tempt.

Joe Trippi's analysis and the subsequent formation of a super PAC to highlight the risks of third-party voting underscore a broader strategic shift within the Democratic Party. These efforts aim to preempt potential vote splitting, which could dilute the anti-Trump sentiment and skew the election results. The emphasis on education and adherence to rules underscores a commitment to a fair and transparent electoral process.

The DNC's initiative, led by seasoned operatives like Lis Smith and Matt Corridoni and supported by figures such as Pat Dennis, Joe Trippi, and Claire McCaskill, marks a significant moment in the party's 2024 campaign strategy.

Their collective experience and lessons from previous elections inform a campaign that is as much about preventing Trump's return as it is about promoting Biden's candidacy. Acknowledging the third-party threat and a determined response reflects a nuanced understanding of the electoral landscape and the importance of maintaining a united front.


The Democratic National Committee's establishment of a committee to counter third-party threats underscores a strategic shift and a unified effort to prevent a scenario that could enable Donald Trump's return to the White House. Through opposition research, legal challenges, and comprehensive voter education campaigns, the DNC and its operatives aim to fortify the anti-Trump coalition, emphasizing the importance of unity and informed voting decisions. This initiative represents a proactive approach to addressing one of the most pressing challenges in the 2024 presidential election.

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