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 June 29, 2024

Dick Vitale's Cancer Returns: 'I Will Triumph'

Longtime ESPN commentator Dick Vitale is once again battling cancer and will undergo surgery this Tuesday.

This latest setback marks Vitale's fourth bout with cancer since his initial diagnosis in 2021, as the New York Post reports, with fans now pulling for a favorable outcome.

On Friday afternoon, the sports media community was met with disheartening news as it was revealed that Vitale, 85, is facing another struggle with cancer.

Just recently, Vitale's vocal cord cancer, which had been in remission since December, was found to have returned following a biopsy of a lymph node in his neck.

Vitale to Undergo Surgery

The revered college basketball commentator announced that he would undergo surgery on Tuesday. This news comes shortly after he had already made a triumphant return to ESPN for the 2023-24 season, contributing his insight and enthusiasm to college basketball games once more.

Earlier on Friday, Vitale mentioned attending his 20th annual Dick Vitale Gala. The event is a significant fundraising effort that generates support for pediatric cancer research, having raised nearly $100 million in collaboration with The V Foundation.

Emotional and Mental Struggle

Vitale had hinted at his ongoing health challenges on Wednesday, indicating that he was dealing with a medical issue mentally and emotionally.

He subsequently shared updates from his recent oncology examinations and biopsy, preparing his fans and supporters for the news that followed.

In the interim, Vitale has remained engaged with the sports world, even commenting on the recent NBA draft. He offered his insights particularly on the Lakers selecting Bronny James in the second round, showcasing his enduring passion and involvement in the sport.

Community's Support and Encouragement

Loyal fans of Vitale have shown unwavering support, showering him with standing ovations and messages of encouragement on social media. His latest post amassed nearly 20,000 likes within just over an hour of its release, demonstrating the widespread admiration and affection his audience holds for him.

Reflecting the community's sentiment, the official NCAA March Madness X account offered words of encouragement, saying, “We are all with you Dickie V,” accompanied by a heart emoji. Additionally, The V Foundation’s profile shared uplifting words, assuring Vitale that his strength and positive outlook would see him through this trial.

A Message of Determination

Despite the daunting news, Vitale expressed steadfast determination and optimism in his statements.

He wrote on X, “With all the [prayer emojis] I have received & the loving support of my family, friends & @espn colleagues I will win this battle. Surgery on Tues. will be a success. Thanks for All the prayers.”

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