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 July 7, 2024

Duchess of Edinburgh Gains Prominence in Royal Family After Major Changes

The British monarchy has undergone significant transitions recently, with Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, emerging as a central figure.

The departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, combined with the death of Queen Elizabeth, has opened the door for the Duchess of Edinburgh to become a key member of the royal family, as the Daily Mail reports.

Despite the upheavals, Sophie has stepped up, solidifying her place within the British monarchy. Her active participation in various royal duties and charitable endeavors has not gone unnoticed.

Involvement in Royal Events

Sophie has been visibly engaged in significant royal events. She notably stood beside Queen Camilla for Trooping the Colour and was seated next to Emperor Naruhito at a recent State Banquet.

Unlike many of their older relatives, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are among the few working royals under 70, placing them in a unique position to carry out numerous royal duties.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, praises her dedication and cheerful disposition, noting her extensive travels to places like Kosovo, South Sudan, Iraq, Ukraine, and various African countries, which highlight her focus on gender-based violence.

Championing Important Causes

Like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, Sophie has been a vocal advocate for ending gender-based violence and promoting girls' education. She has visited several countries for these causes, traveling to Sierra Leone in 2020, the Republic of South Sudan later that year, and Iraq in 2023.

Markle, during her time as a working royal, advocated for similar causes, such as supporting survivors of the Grenfell fire and speaking on gender inequality in Cape Town. Fitzwilliams draws a comparison between Sophie and Meghan, noting that while Meghan may possess talent, she tends to be "self-obsessed" and "reportedly temperamental."

Recognition and Promotion

Queen Elizabeth had suggested Sophie as a mentor to Meghan Markle, hoping to guide her through her new royal life. However, Meghan declined the mentorship offer, feeling she did not need the help with husband Prince Harry by her side.

Sophie’s promotion from the Countess of Wessex to the Duchess of Edinburgh further distinguishes her position in the royal hierarchy, following her husband’s new title, Duke of Edinburgh.

Dedication to Royal Duties

Sophie, who joined the Royal Family in 1999 upon marrying Prince Edward, remains deeply committed to her royal duties and various patronages. Her involvement has only increased in recent years. Besides her extensive charitable work, Sophie is also relieved that she no longer has to curtsey to those who have left royal duties and criticized the institution she supports so diligently.

In summary, the British monarchy has experienced significant shifts with the Duchess of Edinburgh stepping up to fill the void left by others. Sophie’s commitment to royal duties, her advocacy for crucial social causes, and her ability to remain dedicated and trusted within the royal family underscore her newfound prominence.

As Sophie garners recognition for her achievements, her role within the monarchy continues to expand, proving her to be an invaluable asset to the institution. Her temperament and work ethic distinguish her within the family, offering stability during a time of change in the British monarchy.

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