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 April 29, 2024

Eric Trump Warns Of Potential Probes Into Past Presidents Without Trump's Immunity

During a recent appearance on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," Eric Trump, the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, expressed grave concerns about the potential ramifications if the Supreme Court does not grant his father, former President Donald Trump, immunity from prosecution.

Eric Trump emphasized that this decision could set a dangerous precedent, possibly affecting the legal treatment of former presidents like Barack Obama and George W. Bush, the Washington Examiner reported.

Eric Trump's comments are critical as the nation awaits a pivotal Supreme Court decision, expected in June, concerning presidential immunity. The Court's ruling will specifically address whether actions taken by Donald Trump during his presidency can be shielded from legal challenges.

According to Eric Trump, the implications of denying such immunity are far-reaching. He foresees a scenario in which future former presidents could face legal action, thus altering the landscape of American presidential governance.

Potential Legal Battles For Former Presidents

Specific instances cited by Eric Trump include the possibility of investigating Barack Obama for the Fast and Furious operation and alleged IRS misuse against conservatives. He also mentioned George W. Bush, referring to the misinformation surrounding weapons of mass destruction as a potential area for legal scrutiny.

These examples highlight the broader implications of a decision against Donald Trump's immunity, suggesting a future where ex-presidents could be increasingly vulnerable to lawsuits post-tenure.

During his interview, Eric Trump argued that the only winners in this situation would be the "big law firms in Washington, D.C.," which he believes will profit significantly from pursuing cases against former national leaders.

"God help us if they get it wrong, that’s what I take away. I know the system very, very well," Eric Trump stated, expressing deep familiarity with the legal challenges his father has faced.

The Impact On Future Presidencies

The prospect of legal distractions hindering the efficacy of the presidency was a significant concern for Eric Trump. He underscored the need for presidential immunity to allow sitting presidents to focus on governance rather than legal defenses.

"Presidents need immunity in this country. If they don’t, their entire tenure as president is literally going to be filled in depositions and subpoenas like they’ve tried to do to my father for the last eight years," he declared.

Eric Trump also speculated on the potential future targeting of President Joe Biden, indicating that legal challenges could commence swiftly after his presidency ends. This, he suggested, would set a precedent that could undermine the presidency's integrity and operational capacity.

"The floodgates are going to open, and I guarantee you Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House before they start going after him illegally, ruthlessly," he predicted.


The debate surrounding presidential immunity is critical, reflecting broader questions about the nature of American governance and the balance between accountability and the effective operation of the presidency. The Supreme Court's upcoming decision is awaited with bated breath, as it will undoubtedly have profound implications for interpreting presidential powers and responsibilities in the years to come.

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