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 April 17, 2024

Ex-Congressman Cawthorn Allegedly Hits Patrol Car In Florida Road Rage Incident

A recent traffic mishap involving a former U.S. congressman has captured attention. Madison Cawthorn, once a Republican representative, reportedly collided with a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser on a busy interstate.

According to Fox News, the incident unfolded on a hectic Monday afternoon on Interstate 75.

Witnesses observed an agitated driver in a black sports car, later identified as Madison Cawthorn, maneuvering erratically before the collision. The sequence of events led to minor injuries for a state trooper.

Witness Details Aggressive Driving Before the Crash

Alethea Shapiro, who was present during the incident, detailed her nerve-wracking experience. She recounted how a car aggressively tailgated her, prompting her to change lanes swiftly.

Moments later, the highway traffic ground to a halt, and she witnessed the aftermath of a collision involving Cawthorn's black sports car and a state trooper's vehicle.

Shapiro described the scene vividly, noting the officer holding his neck, a sign of the injuries sustained. She stopped to offer help and was shocked to recognize the former congressman as the driver of the aggressive vehicle.

Details of the Accident and Law Violation

The Florida Highway Patrol documented the incident at mile marker 60 in a construction zone. The 2021 Mercedes, driven by Cawthorn, apparently failed to adhere to the Move Over Law, leading to the citation.

The law requires drivers to slow down or change lanes to provide safe clearance to stopped emergency vehicles.

Madison Cawthorn, aged 28 and now a resident of Cape Coral, Florida, directed all inquiries regarding the incident to his legal representative. His attorney stated that Cawthorn's thoughts were with the injured officer following the distressing event.

Cawthorn's Controversial Background

Before this incident, Madison Cawthorn had a notable tenure as North Carolina's 11th District congressman. His career, however, was not without controversy, including accusations ranging from misconduct to inappropriate behavior at airports.

Following his defeat in the 2022 Republican primary, Cawthorn has remained a figure of public interest, and his actions continue to draw scrutiny. The state trooper involved in the crash reportedly sustained only minor injuries and received prompt medical attention at a nearby hospital.

This incident adds another layer to the complex public profile of Madison Cawthorn, whose actions off the congressional floor continue to stir controversy and public debate.

While the legal proceedings for the traffic violation are underway, the community reflects on the broader implications of road safety and the responsibilities of public figures in adhering to the law. As the story develops, further details are expected to emerge about the circumstances leading up to the collision and the subsequent legal outcomes for the former congressman.

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