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 June 12, 2024

False Titan Transcript Logs Revealed After Year-Long Probe

The purported communication logs between the doomed Titan submersible and its mother ship during its descent into the Titanic wreck have been exposed as completely fake.

Daily Mail reported that a nearly year-long investigation by U.S. federal authorities concluded that there was no indication the Titan's crew had any warning of the catastrophic implosion that claimed their lives.

The fake transcript, detailing supposedly frantic communications during the Titan's dive in June of last year, has been dismissed by federal investigators. Initially revealed last summer, the transcript drew immediate suspicion but gained attention due to its alleged detailed and technical narrative.

According to Captain Jason D. Neubauer, head of the U.S. investigation, the transcript was found to be entirely fictitious. "I'm confident it's a false transcript. It was made up," Neubauer stated, emphasizing that despite the convincing appearance of authenticity, the document had no basis in fact.

The Nature Of The Fake Transcript

Emerging late last June, the fraudulent transcript detailed minute-by-minute communications that suggested chaos aboard the Titan. It mentioned alarms, cracking noises, and the crew experiencing panic as they descended toward the Titanic wreck. The final entry in the fake log read "RTM alert active all red," followed by silence, supposedly signaling the moment of the disastrous collapse.

The Titan, piloted by Stockton Rush, tragically imploded due to immense pressure at a depth of two miles, killing all five men aboard. The crew, including Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and pilot Rush, had no forewarning of their impending fate, confirming the actual records which remain confidential.

Dr. Alfred S. McLaren initially found the transcript plausible but later acknowledged doubts about its authenticity. McLaren speculated that the document might have been created to damage OceanGate's reputation or to distress the victims' families.

Comprehensive Investigation Details

The extensive federal investigation, which began last summer, examined numerous aspects of the incident. The probe encompassed advanced vessel technologies and the complexities of operating in international waters, potentially taking two to three years to complete.

Captain Neubauer commented on the fake document's initial plausibility, saying, "Somebody did it well enough to make it look plausible." Despite the transcript's well-crafted nature, evidence supported none of its claims.

Following the initial concerns, federal authorities confirmed that the Titan's occupants were unaware of the immediate threat. The U.S. investigation team found no signs that any warnings had been issued to the crew ahead of the tragic implosion.

Impact On Families And Public Perception

Neubauer offered a perspective on the impact, expressing sympathy while pointing out that the falsification's exposure could potentially provide some solace. "It doesn't make it any less painful, but it can help," he said.

The search and rescue operation that ensued following the sub's disappearance on June 18, 2023, involved international collaboration. Reports of underwater noises and discussions of remaining oxygen provided brief hope during the search efforts. The grim confirmation of the sub's implosion on June 22, 2023, brought the tragic event to a close.

As the investigation progresses, the complexities of modern deep-sea exploration and international jurisdictional boundaries continue to pose challenges. The prolonged nature of the investigation highlights the intricate nature of the tragedy and the ongoing commitment to understanding it fully.

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