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 June 22, 2024

Family of Taekwondo Experts Thwarts Assault in Cell Phone Store

A family of taekwondo black belts in Katy, Texas, heroically intervened to stop an alleged sexual assault.

The group of martial arts experts subdued an alleged attacker at a local cell phone store, preventing a potential sexual assault, as ABC News reports.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at a cell phone store adjacent to Yong-In Tae Kwon Do, the family's dojo. Han An, his wife Hong An, and their children Hannah, Simon, and Christian quickly responded to the alarming situation.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shared that the family successfully pulled the victim away from Alex Robinson, who then tried to attack the family. Utilizing their taekwondo training, they managed to restrain him until authorities arrived.

Family Witnesses Suspicious Behavior Before Attack

Han An had first noticed Robinson riding a bicycle around the plaza at about 2:00 p.m., observing him looking into various stores. Approximately two hours later, he saw Robinson and the victim tussling outside, initially mistaking it as playful behavior.

The family's intervention began when they heard screams coming from the cell phone store. Rushing inside, they found Robinson on top of the woman, who was clearly in distress.

"When we already opened the door, the male was on top of the female already inside the employees' room," said Hannah An to ABC News.

Heroic Effort to Subdue the Attacker

Hannah and Hong An escorted the traumatized woman outside to safety, while Han, Simon, and Christian faced Robinson. As Han An recounted, the attacker bit and scratched him during the struggle, prompting further intervention from one of his sons to protect him.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrived around 15 minutes later and took Robinson into custody. He has been charged with felony attempted sexual assault and is being held on a $100,000 bond, with his arraignment set for Friday.

Community Commends Family's Quick Actions

Han An's keen observation and quick, decisive action helped prevent a potentially tragic outcome. His family's commitment to their taekwondo training played a crucial role in their ability to handle the situation effectively and safely.

Sheriff Gonzalez praised the family's bravery and skill, stating, "By utilizing their training and discipline, they managed to stop the assault and hold him." The local community has since commended the An family for its heroic deeds.

The family of black belts is not only being recognized for their immediate response but also for its ongoing commitment to fostering safety through martial arts. The family dojo remains a pillar in the Katy community for its emphasis on discipline and self-defense.

In conclusion, the An family's timely intervention on Tuesday at a cell phone store in Katy, Texas, averted a potential sexual assault. The alleged attacker, 19-year-old Alex Robinson, was subdued using their taekwondo training and was later taken into custody and charged with felony attempted sexual assault. The community, including Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, has praised the Ans' heroic efforts.

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