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 July 10, 2024

Fani Willis Challenger Sees Surge in Campaign Funds

Courtney Kramer, the Republican candidate challenging Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, has nearly doubled her campaign donations between May and July, showcasing a notable increase in financial support.

Despite this growth, Newsweek reported that Kramer's fundraising remains significantly lower than Willis', who has garnered substantial support over a longer period.

Courtney Kramer announced her candidacy on March 8, entering the race to unseat the incumbent Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis. Recent campaign finance data revealed that Kramer raised $46,641 between May and July, bringing her total contributions to over $72,900.

Comparing Fundraising Figures

In contrast, Kramer's initial fundraising efforts saw her amass $26,320 between March and April. The financial disclosures released on Sunday highlight the increase in her campaign's financial backing.

While Kramer's fundraising efforts show a positive trajectory, they pale in comparison to those of Fani Willis. Willis, who has been raising funds for her reelection since June 2022, has accumulated a total of $572,750 over nearly two years.

This considerable difference underscores the challenge Kramer faces in matching Willis' established financial support. Willis' total fundraising is almost eight times higher than Kramer's current figures.

Impact of High-Profile Cases

Kramer's candidacy has gained attention partly due to Willis' involvement in high-profile prosecutions, including the August indictment of former President Donald Trump and 18 allies related to alleged election interference in Georgia in 2020. The case involves accusations of violating Georgia's racketeering laws.

Despite facing controversy earlier this year over a relationship with a special prosecutor on the case, Willis remains on the case following a judge's ruling. However, proceedings for co-defendants are currently paused pending an appeal review.

Throughout her campaign, Kramer has been vocal in her criticism of Willis. She described Willis' conduct as a "disgrace to the legal community" and expressed her disapproval during an interview with Real America's Voice, stating it was "disgusting to see her not follow her rules of professional conduct or take her oath of office seriously."

Historical Voting Trends in Fulton County

Fulton County, where the race is taking place, has a historical tendency to lean Democratic. No Republican presidential candidate has won the county since Richard Nixon in 1972. In the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump received only 26% of the vote in Fulton County.

Despite these challenging demographics for a Republican candidate, Kramer has received significant backing from prominent GOP figures. Kelly Loeffler, a former Georgia Senator, is the top donor to Kramer's campaign, contributing $6,600.

David Perdue, another former Senator, has also been active in supporting Kramer's campaign, raising funds through events, although there is no individual donation from him recorded in the finance system.


Courtney Kramer has seen a notable increase in her campaign donations, nearly doubling her funds between May and July. Despite this growth, her total fundraising remains significantly lower than that of incumbent Fani Willis, who has garnered substantial support over a longer period. Kramer's candidacy follows Willis' involvement in high-profile prosecutions, and despite facing challenges, her campaign continues to gain momentum.

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