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 May 23, 2024

FBI Agents Ready for "Deadly Force" in Mar-a-Lago Raid: New Court Filing Unveils

A court filing unsealed on Tuesday revealed a chilling fact about federal agents during their 2022 raid at Mar-a-Lago to seize classified documents.

FBI was prepared to use extreme measures during their raid at Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, aiming to retrieve hundreds of classified documents from former President Donald Trump.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the raid unveiled significant details about the preparedness of federal agents, as they were equipped with "standard issue weapons" and other tactical gear. This action led to the seizure of hundreds of classified documents from Trump's residence.

Agents Were Ready for Extreme Measures

The unsealed filing included an 'Operation Order' found during discovery, highlighting a "policy statement" regarding the use of deadly force. The order clearly stated, "Law enforcement officers with the Department of Justice may use deadly force when necessary." This revelation underscores the serious approach taken by the FBI during the operation.

Agents began the raid at approximately 9 a.m. and remained on the premises until about 6:40 p.m. They were instructed to keep their "law enforcement equipment concealed" and wear "unmarked polo or collared shirts" to maintain a low profile during the operation.

Trump's Legal and Personal Response

Former President Trump, 77, faces multiple criminal charges, including the mishandling of top-secret documents. He has pleaded not guilty to 37 criminal charges, some of which carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison. Trump's legal troubles are compounded by accusations that he enlisted aides and lawyers to hide documents requested by officials.

Trump reacted strongly to the news on Truth Social, stating, "I was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their Illegal and UnConstitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE." His fundraising email echoed this sentiment with the subject line, "They were authorized to shoot me!"

Additional Documents Found

Further complicating the situation, additional classified documents were discovered in Trump's bedroom months after the initial raid. This finding was detailed in an opinion from Judge Beryl Howell in March 2023. The documents were also found in other locations, including a leased storage unit and the office at Mar-a-Lago.

Judge Howell remarked, "Notably, no excuse is provided as to how the former president could miss the classified-marked documents found in his own bedroom at Mar-a-Lago," highlighting the ongoing concerns about the security and handling of these sensitive materials.

The FBI defended its actions, stating to ABC News, "The FBI followed standard protocol in this search as we do for all search warrants, which includes a standard policy statement limiting the use of deadly force. No one ordered additional steps to be taken, and there was no departure from the norm in this matter."

Legal Challenges and Delays

Trump's legal team has argued that the raid was unconstitutional, further fueling the contentious legal battle surrounding the former president. Earlier this month, Judge Aileen Cannon postponed the trial of the classified documents indefinitely due to unresolved pre-trial issues, adding another layer of complexity to the case.

The court filing also revealed that the agents involved in the raid were equipped with "ammo," "handcuffs," and "medium and large-sized bolt cutters," reflecting the extensive preparations made for the operation.

In summary, the unsealed court filing has provided a detailed glimpse into the FBI's raid at Mar-a-Lago, revealing the extreme measures agents were prepared to take. Former President Trump faces serious legal challenges, with additional classified documents discovered months after the raid. The legal battles and delays unfold, keeping this high-profile case in the national spotlight.

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