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 March 27, 2024

FBI Claims No Evidence Baltimore Bridge Collapse Was A Terrorist Attack

Before dawn on Tuesday, disaster struck Baltimore as the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River.

The collapse, caused by the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali losing power and striking the bridge, has led to an intensive search for six missing persons, with no evidence suggesting terrorism.

People reported that in the early hours, at around 1:30 a.m., the container ship Dali, navigating under the flag of Singapore, collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. This accident sent portions of the vital Baltimore structure plummeting into the waters below. The ship, a behemoth of the seas at 985 feet in length and 157 feet in breadth was on a lengthy voyage destined for Sri Lanka when it encountered a critical power failure.

Alerted to the vessel's dire situation, Baltimore authorities endeavored to halt traffic across the bridge, a decision made in the moments before the catastrophe. Their prompt response underscores the situation's urgency, though the collapse could not be averted.

Search Efforts Intensify Amidst Uncertainty

The aftermath of the bridge's descent into the river has left the community and authorities grappling with uncertainty. As of Tuesday morning, the U.S. Coast Guard launched an extensive search operation for survivors, with six individuals, including construction workers, yet to be accounted for. This operation marks a desperate race against time to locate those still missing.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has come forward, expressing his administration's active involvement in managing the crisis.

We are still investigating what happened, but we are quickly gathering details. We haven’t seen any credible evidence of a terrorist attack.

Addressing concerns over potential terrorist involvement, FBI Special Agent in Charge Bill DelBagno provided reassurance. "I want to be clear that there is no specific or credible information to suggest that there are ties to terrorism in this incident," DelBagno emphasized, dispelling fears and speculation regarding the cause of the disaster.

Community and Leadership Unite in the Face of Adversity

A spirit of unity and determination has marked the response to the tragedy. Kevin Cartwright, a Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson, initially described the incident as a "mass casualty multi-agency incident.” This characterization highlights the scale of the emergency response mobilized during the collapse.

Amidst the turmoil, Governor Moore's words resonate with a community striving to overcome the challenges posed by this unprecedented event. “We are Maryland tough, and we are Baltimore strong,” Moore affirmed, encapsulating the resilience and solidarity of the people of Maryland and Baltimore in facing this adversity.

The incident has drawn attention from all levels of government, with efforts being coordinated to address the immediate consequences and the broader implications of the collapse. The collaborative response showcases the commitment of leaders and agencies to navigate through the aftermath and begin the process of recovery and rebuilding.

Reflecting on a Day of Unexpected Catastrophe

As the dust begins to settle on a day marked by unforeseen disaster, the community of Baltimore and the wider region are left to contemplate the ramifications of the Francis Scott Key Bridge's collapse. The incident, triggered by a mechanical failure aboard the Dali, underscores the vulnerabilities and challenges inherent in managing complex infrastructures and navigating maritime routes.

The extensive search operation for the missing individuals continues, with hopes persisting for their safe return. Meanwhile, the absence of any indication of terrorism in the incident offers a small solace in loss and destruction.

In the end, the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge serves as a poignant reminder of life's unpredictability and the importance of resilience, cooperation, and community in the face of adversity. As investigations proceed and recovery efforts are underway, the strength and unity displayed by the people of Baltimore and Maryland affirm their resolve to rebuild and move forward together.

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